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Moving down, does it make sense?

Hi there,

Ive been on soo many restarts that posting here in embarrasing :mad: i weight about 90kg:cry:ideally i would like to loose 4 stones!. Since Monday ive been trying to get on cd but most days i could not go beyond the first shake. its just a vicious circle, i struggle, i eat something, and then i feel depressed!

I was wondering, does it make sense if i start from lets say 810 or 1000 calories. Do you think its a good idea to move a plan up? and then work my way down? Maybe i just find going cold turkey really hard?:( ( Mind you i've stop knowing what i want anymore)

Has anyone every done this successfully? and also does anyone know what sort of food i could eat if i was on the 1000 or 810 calories a day.

Sorry for throwing so many questions, i just dont know what to do anymore! i find myself feeling so stressed out and frustrated, its driving me crazy.:cry:


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Oh dear, just noticed this. Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, it makes loads of sense to move down the plans.

Cambridge recommend you lower carbs before you do SS, and it's a great way of doing it.

I couldn't do cold turkey if I had to do it again. It's hard!


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I started back on Cambridge at the same time as you last monday and found the first few days so so difficult I think it's worse when you kind of know what to expect and also because you know the effect cheating will have so you can't even fool yourself that a tiny bit of ***** wont hurt.

This is my second time starting CD and both times I have carb reduced first, I can't say that I jumped straight into ketosis or that it wasn't hard but perhaps a week or so of no carbing and upping your water intake before you start might be a good idea, you will probably still lose weight in those weeks anyway.

I think that there is a link to the books in the main CD forum which should tell you which foods you can eat on 1500 and 810

If you want a buddy (I have 5 stone to lose) give me a PM, also the teams seem very supportive, I'm just waiting for a space to open up in one.

Good Luck, just coming on here shows that you really want to do it and that's half the battle won!



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If you are lacking inspiration take a look at the inspiration slideshow on the main CD forum.

also I found this quote that Kathare said amazingly inspiring.

The thing that I love about CD is waking up every morning knowing I'm doing something. Not having that horrible sinking feeling that I'm the same weight I was 2 weeks ago, or three months ago, and that I've wasted another day of my life hating the way I look.

I think that second time round it's a lot harder to battle your mind than it is your body so really think about why you want to lose this weight and visualise your life after you do, it's only a few months away, you are only a few months away from a whole new life.
Thanks KD for the support and reassuring words.

Slimpossible, thanks for the message its feels good to hear from someone who knows exactly how you feel. Well my mistake is i didnt really cut down on the carbs and just jumped in..lol:sigh:
but its day 2 today and i feel ok, i must admit i dont feel 100% but im hoping once i get through
today i will feel better.:(
I would love to buddy up, i think it might help me focus and also give me a friend i can be inspired and motivated by.
However i dont know how to PM?
i am going to spend the rest of the afternoon on the inspiration slide show, and if that does not help then something
is seriously wrong with me...lol....sorry just feeling frustrated!
hope you have a good day

hi this is prob my 4th time of cambridge the first time round i lost 3stone then had a break and couldnt get bk on it, so this time round im starting on step 3 800 kcals it is much easier and it stops that vicious circle u mentioned, althought my downfall is binge eating once being on sole source, so keep going and maybe strt higher plan and go dn in stepswhen u feel more comfortable.
hope this helps


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Hi Suki,

Well done on making it to day two!! I am feeling the pain today (after a morning of thinking I was in ketosis I know have a mad headache!), but the thing is we both know that it's worth this temporary pain!

The good thing about not cutting the carbs before hand is that you will probably lose loads of weight this week, which hopefully will help you focus even more.

I can't PM you I think you might not have posted enough but I have added you as a friend and I think we might be starting a new CD team so maybe you could join that and get inspiration and support x 5 (if we get enough people)

Try not to be too down on yourself, you are on day two you have acheived something, I remember the first time I tried a VLCD I lasted until lunchtime!

And even if you do find you need to start from the higher plans and work down you have faced the fact that something needs to change and decided to take control of that change, that is amazing.

Now turn that frown upside down!!

I hope you are feeling well and that the slideshow is working it's magic!

thanks tally!:)

slimpossible thaks for the encouraging words, you are right! but i am still hungry...lol:p
ok im trying my best! there are one million reasons why it has to be now or never! but
when you are feeling horrible all the reasons disappear! but i am trying to stay focused.:confused:
i might just take up smoking to suppress my appetite...lol...arghhhh:p
i guess maybe if i joined a team it will help! i just want these hunger pangs to go. Hopefully
all should be well after day 3 or 4.
I know this may sound weird but i have always found myself at one extreme. I cant really stay in the middle,
when i started the diet i just wanted to go straight to SS instead of trying a higher plan and then work myself down. Even if i am watching what i eat i do it in extreme and if i have a slip or if i cant cope i just go back to my eating normally.

I know ive set myself a challenge that is so hard. I just hate being so out of energy, cold, and miserable.
but im staying possitive
hope you had a better day than i did!

Hi Slimpossible and Suki,

I am in my 2nd week of CD, lost 7lb in 5 days but then had family birthday party last night so felt I had to join in the meal oooops! Have an 18th birthday next Sunday and a 40th the week after! I am doing SS+ but tonight I am not going to have the meal to try and reduce some of the damage I did last night!

I found the first 3/4 days were quite rough but once Ketosis kicked in I did feel much better and had a fair amount of energy, although I have been going to bed early to avoid eating! My biggest problem is that with SS or SS+ you can't even eat a salad etc.

Slimpossible - do you have any tips to avoid cheating or if you are going to cheat what sort of thing are you best to cheat with?

The gallery is amazing and my hubby commented on how pretty the ladies are on there! I have found that it definately works to look at that every couple of days to keep the motivation going.



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Hi Dotti and Suki,

Hope you are both doing well, sorry I'm not really on in the evenings, I lose myself in telly to stop the munching.

I really hope that you can make it through these first few days without smoking Suki, you don't want to end up thin and sick, plus you will end up miserable and cold sitting outside having a fag whenever you go out.
I wish I could be like you super extreme, I know it's bad if you go the wrong way but having conviction must be great.

I hope ketosis kicks in for you soon hun, I was feeling it this morning and it's awesome!

Dotti, don't worry about the things you can't change, you have cheated slightly but today is a new day you can tell that you are committed because you are going sole source today.

I can't say what to cheat with and unfortunately I haven't managed to avoid cheating completely myself but I would say that if you have events coming up you should think about what you can eat before you go like if they do chicken salad or fish and then you can eat with your family without ruining your diet. Above all avoid carbs as much as you can.

My only tips to avoid cheating are drink water, keep busy and try to remember why you are doing this.

Good Luck ladies we will do it, we just have to put our backs into it


Is posting like mad!
Just to let you know I have started a new team on the Teams board Team 26 - From here to Slimfinity please come along and join if you are still interested in joining a team

Hi Slimpossible,

I have had a really good day today! i was really bright and with it...lol:rolleyes:
I am pleased, and i hope the coming days turn out to be as good as today!
I have learnt one thing, the power is within you! its all in your head. If you
think and imagine that there is no room for food and that you just wont eat.
everything changes and you just dont think about food. however if it goes the other way round,
you are finished...lol:eek:
Besides the smoking...........lol.....ive never smoked before so beleive me hubby would murder me.:confused:
However ive always wanted a pierced belly so that my incentive...once i lose enough weight i shall pierce my belly
damn how cool!:D
I must share a secret with you though! my friend has these pills she got from holland and barrat. Its all natural, but its full of caffein and it gives you alot of energy.:rolleyes:
I had only one this morning and i think it did it for me! i had so much energy and felt really good all day! i think the fact that i cant have a cup of tea is no good as i thrive on caffein! i cant have tea without milk, and i cant really have milk on cd! so its no tea for me!:cry:

Hope you had a good day,
take care and lets remember the power is within us!:jelous:


Is posting like mad!
I am so glad you are feeling so positive Suki sounds like you had a wonderful day today!

Glad you have given up the smoking plan it was a bit silly. CD is all in the head and it sounds like you have that sorted already


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