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Moving from CD to SW - best way??


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Hi all,

I joined SW last week and intend to switch from CD to SW.

So I just wondered the best way to do it without 'gaining' the glycogen weight - though I know in real terms I won't be gaining fat iykwim.

I did wonder if I would be best off sticking to red days to start and limiting my carbs, slowly building them up to be able to manage the green days (I used to love my green days on SW!)

Have any of you done this successfully or am I going to have to resign myself to a smal 'gain' to start while my body re-adjusts?

Thanks for any info and help!

K xx
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I have no experience but would agree that starting off with red days would be a good idea, and even in your healthy extras be strict on carbs to start with, such as potatoes, pasta & baked beans.

Hopefully you'll see a nice little loss but try not to think in weekly terms. It's a long term thing. Maybe mention to your leader that you only want to know your losses every month instead of every week to stat with, that's if you feel you might be disheartened with a slow start.

Enjoy your food!

K x


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Thank you yamyam - I am sooo looking forward to food, I miss it. I think CD HAS taught me to think about what I'm eating in a way no other diet has done, so that's a good thing, but I just want to eat some veg and fruit and be able to enjoy small treats and not be so restricted.

My SW leader was great when I told her about my CD diet she knew all about it and was enouraging about the switch,. I've striggled with CD on and off for over a year in which time I've lost 3 stone, which is great. But I don't want this mad weighing every day, not eating everything, every day is a struggle any more.

So here I am!! :D:D


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Good for you and well done with that weight loss! I think you've done a grand job & now lets hope you find an eating plan you can live with. SW is the only one i've ever tried that I can actually see myself living by.

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