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Moving over from SW

Morning all

I have been on the SW forum for a while as was giving that a go. However, despite loving eating loads of pasta and potatos, I don't feel the same freedom that comes from calorie counting. A few years ago I lost over 4 stone calorie counting and need to lose that (and a bit more) again this time. So think I'd best stick to what i know.

May start a diary shortly as I find that keeps me on the straight and narrow!

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Hiya hun, welcome to CC hope you enjoy it! I moved over from WW just needed a change! :) good luck with everything xx
Thanks for the welcome guys:D

I'll be starting next week as have a meal out tomorrow night and a night away Monday.

I know calorie counting works so am looking forward to getting going.:)
I've just moved across from SW also. I did well at the begining but after a while found that I was eating far too much beacause my head kept telling me that is was syn free where in reality I knew that I was eating too many calories per day!!!!!!!! I know they say not to count calories & eat unto full but I kept argueing with myself & was thinking about what to eat next all the time!
Hi guys - welcome to CC.

Chinababe - I know just what you mean. I was exactly the same on the SW plan. I just ate so much free food, cos it was "free". This time I decided to stick with what I know - if you eat less calories than you need, you'll lose weight - and I have:) Also, I do love my treats, especially curly wurlys at 115 cals each:D
Hi Meltdown
thank you for welcome. I think I need a number to restrict myself to. Free food is only free if you eat normally but my head rule my appetite- I am not hungry but want to eat in my head! If that makes any sense.
Chinababe - you've hit the nail on the head for me. "free food" is really only free if you eat normally. I know I could eat a plate of pasta, the size of which would feed a family! So I think I'm better calorie counting too. It didn't fail me before and hopefully won't now!
Chinababe & Bubblebum - I'm glad I'm not the only one! I know you are only supposed to eat until you are full, but as soon as I knew the food was free, I kept scoffing it, full or not! I'm now almost at goal and have done it by calorie counting and eating healthily. Good luck and enjoy your journey.
ME TOO!!!!

I have be CC after doing SW for a year and loosing 2 stone. I found that I just didnt loose anymore weight after that and I was eating food for the sake of it. Think I just needed more disapline in my diet and this seems to keep my weight under more control!
hey everyone,

i'm moving over from SW too..i just cant get into the swing of things. i losr 6lbs in the first week but seemed to keep falling off the wagon. I seemed to use all my syns on butter lol. Anyways, im starting calorie counting today...i always start on a monday but thought starting on a different day would we a nice change to the "im starting on monday .. again" :)
I personally don't understand the whole slimming club thing, I obsess over numbers being right so perhaps that's why calorie counting works for me??
Im a diet freak ive tired RC SW WW and cambridge diet the only successful that got my 4 stones off is the cambridge diet followed by ww.

well SW i went once and gained 6 lbs in my first week all them free yogurts i was eating lol.

RC was also good and now CC is a life time way off eating and mangaing my weight for life.

keep going Tink

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