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moving up from SS to 810

I am going to be 25 bmi in the next couple of weeks and so will be moving to 810, I havent discussed it with CDC yet, although she did suggest having 2 packs a day and a larger meal at one stage. I would prefer to stay with the 3 packs a day, but I have a problem with the greens part of the programme. Being winter ish I doubt I'd be on for having salads stuff which I like, but green veg is not my cup of tea, I can just about tolerate broccoli but I couldnt eat that every day. I do like mushrooms but they're about the only thing on the list that isnt salad stuff that I like

I was thinking since I would be out of ketosis having non listed veg would be ok like onions, peppers, mushroom which I would happily eat every day, and could keep within the calorie allowence.

Has anyone else tinkered with recommended veggies and still had good losses?
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I'm on 810 and can only stomach mushrooms and spring onions. I'm in my second week and I weighed myself today I am 13st 9lbs


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I honestly think that the best way to approach 810 is as an extension to SS. That is, don't think of the 'meal' as being anything particularly special. Maybe try not to think of it as being a meal at all - just another part of the diet. Treat it like a shake/soup.

The 810 list is now pretty extensive. I don't quite know why your CWPC is suggesting 2 shakes, because it should be 3 in order for you to get your full complement of vitamins/minerals etc.

Are you being honest with yourself? Do you really not like all the veggies on the list? Have you tried them all?

Here's the full 810 food list, in case you haven't seen the latest version: http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-d...n/142380-810-options-updated-21-3-2010-a.html

When on 810, I choose the protein bit first, then add whatever veggies I can stomach that day. So I might have hot chicken, but have it with slices of cucumber. Or cottage cheese with green peppers. Someone suggested the other day that you could use a spoonful of bouillon and make soup with some of the allowed veggies. Have you tried celeriac? You can even make chips with that (taste of celery, but after weeks of being on SS, heaven :)) And how about a mushroom omelette?

There's actually no reason why you shouldn't have exactly the same thing every day too, if you want to - so long as you're having your 3 shakes a day (as you should be, to be doing 810 correctly). So if you want to eat the same thing every day, go for it.

If you haven't tried all the veggies, why not use this as your opportunity to find out what you might like? Because after weeks of living on nothing but shakes, you might find you actually like more of them than you think!

All the best for 810 hun - and congratulations on your brilliant weight loss so far. :0clapper:
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I've been on 810 for 2 weeks and all I've been having are cucumber and mushrooms along with one of the following protein options - haddock, fish fillet, or 2 large eggs.

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