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Moving up the steps question

Hi all :) I am currently doing sole sorce and I am about 3.5 stone from my goal weight :) I was thinking of starting to move up the steps when I am 1 stone away from goal - does this seem sensible and realistic? Also, when I do start moving up the steps how long do I stay on each step for? I was thinking 810 - 2 weeks, 1000 - 2 weeks, 1200 - 2-4 weeks, then 1500 maintenence. Is this correct? My CDC is really lovely but often seems to let me make my own choices when it comes to moving up the steps. I just feel as though I could really do with some direction and advice for moving up the steps. Thanks in advance x x x
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Hiya Emma

I'm doing my last week of sole source plus and then moving up the steps. I'm currently 11.2 and i would like to get to 10stone and be maintaining by Christmas. I think if I start now, I should probably be where I want to be by then.

I did suggest to my counsellor about moving up last week - but I had stayed the same and she suggested another week at SS+ and then to move.

I feel I need to do it now - I wasn't particulary good last week, hence my STS... but I don't want to jeopardise all this hard work by trying to stick at SS+ when i'm beginning to struggle with it.

Have a good chat with you counsellor - and I'm sure other counsellors on here will be able to help you too!!

Hey chicken , soz im not much help as im no where near where u are but does it say anything in your cambridge books you were given when u started??? hth xxx


Gone fishing
I tend to find it works better if people get closer to goal on 810...say within 7lbs, then moving up at 2 weeks a plan. When you go up, weight loss tends to be rather more erratic, plus it can be harder because of lack of ketosis, motivation etc.

It's easier to put on a little, than to take it off and I hate seeing people hang around for months trying to get rid of the last 3 or 4lbs.:break_diet:
Yep as KD said - this is how I am doing it as I have just started working up the steps.......

Currently 9lbs away from BMI 25 - Now on SS+ I will be on this until I reach BMI 25
BMI 25 - Will start on 810 and stay on this until I get to goal.

My ticker says my goal is BMI 25 but this is only because I have no idea what I want my goal to be so am going to wait until I feel happy.

Once I am down to where I want to be I will work my way up the rest of the plans 2 weeks at a time. This means less pressure to lose any weight on the higher plans as I will already be at my goal weight.

Hopefully everything is going to go to plan.......
Thanks Kd. I may take your advice and ss until I'm a stone away from goal (as planned) then 810 until I'm at goal, then hopefully I can move up the steps without a worry! Thanks for your much needed help :):):)Hugs x x x
Hey chicken , soz im not much help as im no where near where u are but does it say anything in your cambridge books you were given when u started??? hth xxx
Just been looking through my yellow book, and it's an old one I think, there is no 810, it's 790. So on my weigh in on Friday I'm going to ask my CDC if there is an 'updated' version. Hugs x x x

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