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Moving up to 1000 (Step 3) to excersize ?

Hi Guys,
I am pretty happy at a size 14, but i still do have weight to lose and want to tone up a bit too.
On SS you cant excersize, so i am thinking about going up to step 3 (ooohhh fruit and cereal :p)
My question is can i do this and can i stay on step 3 for a period of time to lose the weight steadily ??
Not ready to leave the safety net of CD completly and i still have 17lb to go...
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There is nothing to stop you exercising now - as long as its not too vigorous. Toning exercises and stretches and lots of walking can be done to help tone up whilst still on SS
My CDC said whilst on SS i can only walk for 15 minutes a day ??
Ideally, i wanted to do a couple of bums and tums classes and on alternate nights speedwalk, until i am confident to jog.

Not sure if i am able to do that on SS ??

Any advise gratefully received ;)

thanks guys
I've been training for the moonwalk and doing loads of walking since I started CD. Didn't do any walking for the first two weeks and then built it up from there. I've been doing SS+ (4 packs and 200mls milk).
Im doing ss + with the meal and going to the gym swimming and toning and i feel fine if you need to maybe move up to 810 but you should be fine moving just to ss+

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