Moving upto Maintance...scarey!!


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Starting my diary after 1st week

Picked a good week to start with husband being away for a week skiing. I started mid week without having to have any food smells in the house and I literally ditched all the food from the fridge....that got rid of the tempation.

1st week went quite well, no major problems. True I was hungry at times but it was managable. Then day 4 came husband came home and all of a sudden Fish & chips in the house. But I got through it and have managed to still cook his tea without feeling tempted..

The major symptons for the 1st week were being very tired and god soooo cold and Im usually a very hot person. Day 6 was a struggle as started to feel starving, strange as the 1st day ketois stix changed a darker shade of pink.

day 7 dont feel as hungry and do have more energy stix still showing the darker shade of pink. Heres to burning fat!!

1 week weigh in a dsiappointing 3 1/2 lbs, thought it wouldbe more but I did lose a bit of weight the week before when I cut down on my carbs. Restocked for week 2 and heres hoping for a better weigh in.
Hi Blitz,

You have done well to get through your first week well done.

The darker shade can indicate that you need to take in more water.

If you had cut down on carbs the week before you would of already started to empty your glycogen store so therefore the scales would reflect this. Or that you were still retaining fluid.

31/2lbs. is very good and if you had that every week you will be down a stone in four weeks which is about right.

I hope you have measured yourself as sometimes you can see the inches come off much quicker and also I find it is good to have plenty of photos taken before as you come down each stone you can begin to see the difference.

Hope your having a good day today.

Love Mini xxx
Hey Blitz, well done on your first week hun!

As Mini said, the darker shades can indicate dehydration so please make sure you are drinking enough water hun!

Your loss is bang on and really good! Well done for cutting down on the carbs before you actually started as well!
Thanks all

Well just had week 2 weigh in and lost 6.5lb so thats a total of 10 lb in 2 weeks. Im really pleased with the result and it has now spurred me on. So tomorrow off the the gym and Im going for a nice long swim and I cant wait.

Ive had a surprising easy week with no temptations. Finally put myself to the test on Friday (after 10 days of taking it very easy) and went out with my friend shopping. In the past we've always gone for a meal, however, she is supporting me every step of the way. Instead its now a drink and a chocolate treted for me and a sandwich for her.

I now cant wait for week 3 weigh in.:D :D
Well managed to survive week 3.....just.

Had a bad week, wednesday and Thursday went well. But Friday and Saturday was just a grump all day. Felt really out of sorts. The only thing I could think of that was causing it was being constipated again.

Tried laxatives Friday night, no help. Saturday didnt want to repeat the agony of last week so resorted to 4 packs of Movicol . Still now relief, then on Saturday night had more laxative and finally was ok.

This put me in a bad mood as I cant keep going like this everyweek, took all the advice, am drinking 4 to 5 ltrs every day, taking the psyillium husks after each meal. Can only hope its taking time for my body to adjust and will be ok next week, may consider taking a laxative before it becomes a problem.

I really felt like throwing the towel in. However somehow of over kept on tack and managed to finish week 3 and was quite proud of myself. Must have had a bad time as my husband bought me flowers as he said he felt sorry for me....and he hates flowers and rarely buys them.

Anyway weigh in today and lost 3 lbs so thats now 13 in total in the 3 weeks, I dont think that I will be one of the biggest loosers each week but hope that I will manage at least 3 each week.:sigh: :sigh: :sigh:
Well thats week 4 over with. Pleased to say that have solved the problem with constipation and I hope that it doesnt return.

It was TOTM week and spent sunday in agony however that was a good result as I normally bad for 2 to 3 days not just 1. I also didnt have the same bloated feeling that I normally have, so maybe some of the problems have been the junk I was eating before as well.

I have missed food this week but again I managed to resist cant believe that Im sticking this with no cheating. Also managed to go to the gym for a swim, couldnt do many lenghts but felt good going. Was a bit worried about going in the steam room as no one else was in and I was scared that I would go light headed.....imagine passing out in there and no one seeing me!!!!!!!!!or worst still trying to pick me up!!!!!!!! Anyway I only stayed in for a short period of time.

Got weighed today and have lost 4lb so its now a total of 17lb, thats the 1st stone over with. Only another 4 to lose and I will be in the next stone and that'll be a first for the last 5 years.

Heres to next week and will power:D
Hi Blitz, you are doing really well, I bet you can feel a difference in your clothes can't you?

Are you on Cambridge, if so is it AAM week for you and how's that going? So many q's, so little time:D
Thanks Natpot. Yes its AAM week and oh my god ive just eated some chicken, brocolli and cauliflower. It was strange to chew again, but a nice feeling.

I must admit I thought I was a good judge of quanity, I bought some of those chicken fillet slices (like gougons) and 50g equals 1 and bit of one of them:( i thought it would be 2. A tablespoon of veg equals 1 small floret. So I boiled and chicken and popped the veg in a tesco steam bag and then added both to the veg soup. It was nice to have some chunks in, can see me doing that all week as cant see point of putting the small quanities on a plate!!

I cant see that making any major impact on loosing weight. Ive portioned the rest of the chicken up but Im also going to try fish as well
I feel i can win the battle

Forgot to post last week, AAM went fine no problems but just put the small amounts in the soup and kept it very plain. Made the soup nicer and still lost 3lb

Last week I managed to go swimming twice and I dont have the energy that I used to have, my husband passed my in the pool, something hes never been able to do! When he was gloating I reminding him that as soon as the diet finishes I will still be able to beat him.

Bought some sz16 stretch jeans from next, my friend convinced me to try and My God they fitted. Ok they are a little tight round the waist and they are stretch but the zip went up no problem. They are now sat in my wardrobe waiting to be worn, should only take another 7lbs, I can believe it.

Weigh in day wasnt that brilliant only lost 2lb but Im ok with this as I know that I have lost inches this week, hopefully next week will be better.

I cant believe how not hungry I am now, I have to remind myself to have the shakes or soup. I wouldnt have thought that when I started. I also can watch cookery programes,discuss food in M & S food hall with my friend but with no interest in eating it myself. This must be the right time for me to do his diet as Im am more focued that I have been in years

Cant wait for next weeks weigh in
u r doing so well!!

god i havent managed to do AAM yet cos i keep cheating before i get to it!! ho-hum. good on ya!!
Well done blitzx
Thank all I realy do feel like this is the year that I can get slim again, which is certainly not how I felt at the start of the year.:D :D

The trouble is Im so not focussed on food I forget to have my shakes!!! Its because I dont feel hungry at all. I start work at 7.00am so try to have a chocolate velvet at 9.00am, today it got to 11.30 and I felt slightly light headed and then I realised i hadnt had my shake. Last week I went shopping and forgot to have a shake before I went, I must ensure that I remember in the future as I dont want to blow it.:sigh:
Hi blitz,

You really did excellent on AAM and lose 3lbs. Well done:bliss:

I find myself when I am in ketosis that it is very easy to forget a pack and it is very important to have your three packs a day as you are getting all your nutrition from them.

If you don't have your three packs every day it does take its toll and it makes it easier to slip off the diet as your energy does go down from missing the odd one here and there over a week. Make sure you are taking your water at all times over the course of the day.

Congratulations on your new size 16 jeans!!!:D

Love Mini xxx
dead impressed at the size 16 jeans! You're doing fantastic and 3lbs on AAM is superb! Sometimes it is easy to forget to have the packs but, like mini says, it's vital. Don't worry about energy levels at the moment - hubby will be eating his words when you get to goal and 'lap' him :)
Thanks because I remembered in time I was still able to get the 3 packs down on each occasion. Im just worried that one day I will totally forget, maybe need to set phone alarm off to remind me.

I cant wait to wear the size 16 jeans. They do fit now but bit concerned about the bulge on the waist band, but it wont be long now
I cant believe that Ive managed to stay on CD for 7 weeks and not been tempted to cheat once. The timing is still so right for me at the moment.

Had week 7 weigh in and lost another 4lbs and Im soooooo
happy, just 2lb to hit the 2 stone off mark, hopefully will have done that by this time next week.

Had a busy week shopping for new clothes, not that I bought many as couldnt bring myself to buy stuff that shouldnt fit soon. But managed to buy 2 tops that look ok now and will also look ok when Ive lost a bit more. Tried shopping in Primark, but dont know if it was because it was a Saturday....but just cant cope in there!! Looked at a dressing gown and then looked down at my skirt and it was covered in white fluff ......not the best start for the day especially as I was made up to fit back into the skirt in the 1st place !!!

Went out on Sunday with my husband and wore those sz 16 jeans, cant remember the last time I wore jeans. Milestones in the last week including being able to wear my wedding ring all day without it getting too tight, loosing 10% of my body weight and wearing the jeans.

I feel really great this week about the diet and cant wait for next weeks weigh in. I REALLY CAN DO THIS:eek: :eek: :eek:
Had another fantastic week, stuck to the diet for another week and can believe that I have managed to now finish 8 weeks without going off track once.

Week 8 weigh in is 6lbs, Im really pleased and have managed to loose 2st and 4lbs in just 8 weeks. After Saturday I should have a relatively easy week as my husband is away skiing so no food smells in the house and no treat to temp me at all.

Sunday I went shopping to Cheshire Oaks a shopping outlet village and managed to stock up on quite a few new clothes in sz 16 to help fill the gaps in my wardrobe. I really had a great time trying things on and didnt really spend that much money. Hopefully they wont fit for long but I dont care because I feel so much better walking round in new clothes and loads of people have noticed Ive now lost quite a bit because the clothes actually fit.

I bumped into someone I havent seen since I started and they were amazed, I must have looked like a idiot as I just stood and grinned at them!!

Lets hope next week brings some good results.
Week 9 now over with, thank goodness. Had a really bad week, really wanted to give up and struggled all week.:( :(

However I dont know how but I managed to keep going and came out the other side and stuck to SS 100%. That was enough to make me happy!

After last weeks weight loss I wasnt expecting miracles this week so I was really pleased with the 2lb loss. Its AAM next week and to be honest Im looking forward to having a bit of
veg and chicken in my soups again. Maybe it will help trigger my weight loss as well.

This week is already starting better and I feel a load better already. Have booked a body wrap for Thursday hoping the break down all those nasty toxins...and shrink the body!

Also Im off work on Friday and going to do what I do best Retail Thearpy. Im also meeting a friend who I have seen for a few months so Im looking forward to seeing her response when she sees me.

Here to week 10....i really still cant believe how far I have come, how could I possibly give up now, those sz 14 s ive wanted to get into for so long are just too close to give up.:D :D