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Mrs Marmite Strikes Again

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by memmarmite, 7 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member

    Evening all! I am officially back on the wagon! I've had a baby since my last SW adventure, he is six months old today (and it's my birthday, I'm 30!) and it's about time I lost the baby blubber.

    I am doing green days exclusively as I'm vegan. Furthermore I am breastfeeding - Sprout has started weaning but we're doing BLW so he's still taking his full amount of milk feeds at present. As his feeds drop I will be reevaluating.

    Let's jump right in, shall we?

    Brekkie today was a bowl of porridge using 35g oats and unsweetened soya milk.
    No mid-morning snack as we had an early lunch.
    Lunch was Wagamama! Shush, I know, not exactly off on the right foot BUT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY so I'll eat if I want to. Was very good though and kept to edamame beans (free) and yasai yaki soba (16 syns) tweaked to leave out the egg.
    Mid-afternoon snackage was some of the nicest mango I've ever had. Seriously, yum. Baby enjoyed some too!
    Evening meal tonight is roasted veg (red onion, orange pepper, courgette, garlic, tomatoes roasted in Frylight), rocket and butterbeans with spicy couscous. I might have some Linda red onion snausages if I'm fancying a bit more. Will probably chuck on some reduced fat hummus (still 55g?) as I've only had one HXB today.
    Got some fruit for later, aaaaand I need to get some more HXA down my gullet so maybe a nice big decaf latte once the baby is in bed...

    Now. It's been a few years so I realise some HX allowances and syn values will have changed. Guide me, people of Minimins!
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  3. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member

    Yesterday was a good day.

    B: Porridge with 35g oats and soya milk (HXA+B)
    S: Apple
    L: Leftover couscous with roasted veg, 55g reduced fat hummus (HXB), half a wholemeal pitta bread (3.5 syns)
    S: Banana, soya yoghurt (2 syns)
    D: Pasta bolognese made with Asda veggie mince (I have this down as free but that was a couple of years ago, please correct me if it's changed)
    S: Decaf latte with soya milk (HXA), dropped in a 10g square of plain chocolate (2.5 syns) for a rich and delicious mocha. Seriously yummy.

    We also went for a three mile walk down the seafront. It was lovely!
  4. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member

    Today has gone slightly pear-shaped.

    B: Porridge with 35g oats and soya milk (HXA+B)
    S: Apple
    L: Leftover bolognese sauce from yesterday, half a wholemeal pitta (3.5 syns)
    S: Pomegranite... then it all goes wonky. We got home from our walk and I was starving and felt like crap. Downed a little brownie stuffed with dried fruit and nuts, don't even want to think about the syns in there. Also four grissini breadsticks at 1 syn each. At least that was the last brownie so there won't be any more lying around! I'll just make sure the rest of the day is syn free and have a leaner day tomorrow.
    D: Planned dinner is jacket spuds with beans, 55g reduced fat hummus (HXB) and a side of steamed broccoli. I might also have some Fry's Traditional Sausages which I believe are free. I'll probably have some warm soya milk at bedtime with sweetner and a dash of something or other... cinnamon or nutmug I think. There's also a stack of bananas in the kitchen if I need something else to nyom this evening.

    I'm at my folks' place tomorrow. My dad bakes artisan bread in his spare time so I will need some serious strength...
  5. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member

    Today has been a challenge but I have won!

    B: 35g Dorset Cereals Nutty muesli (HXB) with an Alpro yog (2 syns) and most of a sliced banana (we are starting baby led weaning so my son had the rest of the banana!)
    S: Pouch of Tilda mushroom basmati rice (3 syns) and an apple
    S: Warburton's brown sandwich thin (5 syns) filled with loads of salad and Marmite. This was actually really satisfying, would be lush with some vegan ham slices!
    D: We're having a Linda's mushroom and spinach burger (3.5 syns I think) with roasted veg couscous (1 syn), a big pile of salad and 55g reduced fat hummus (HXB)

    Not managed my HXA today, which is the one I get extra portions of for breastfeeding so I might make myself a big mug of warm soya milk with nutmeg before bed.

    Not the best day but considering I was away from home I think I did okay!
  6. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member

    Soooo it turns out the LM burger is 1.5 syns, not 3.5 - that puts me on 12.5 for the day. I am totally having one of my 2.5 syn mochas before bed. I am loving SW as a breastfeeding mum, being encouraged to eat all my syns is AWESOME.
  7. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member


    B: 35g Dorset Cereals Simply Nutty Muesli (HXB), Alpro yog (2 syns), sliced banana.
    L: Warburton's Brown sammich thin (5 syns - luckily these are all gone now!) stuffed with salad and Marmite.
    D: Chilli (made this with Asda frozen veg mince - I have the 2012 book which lists this as free, is this still the case?), Tilda mushroom rice (3 syns), 30g Tesco smoked soya cheese (HXB - it's just repackaged Scheeze so I'm guessing the allowance is the same).
    S: Pomegranite, apple, grapes, Koko Chocolate coconut milk (HXA)

    Still struggling to get those HXAs in. Probably should switch to milk on my cereal instead of yoghurt, I'd save myself a couple of syns that way too, but it's too tempting for my brekkie to taste like pudding!
  8. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member

    Fat Saturday.

    B: 35g Dorset Cereals Simply Nutty muesli (HXB), Alpro yog (2 syns), sliced banana.
    L: Leftover chilli, pouch of Co-op microwave basmati rice (0.5 syns), 30g soya cheese (HXB).
    D: Oh good grief, I've just had a fat takeaway. Vegetable jalfrezi and pilau rice from a lovely South Indian and Sri Lankan place nearby. Serously, the rice had whole cloves and cardamom pods in it, divine. Their make their korma with coconut milk instead of diry so it's fine for us weirdy vegan types, The Beard had some and I couldn't resist a little dab. Also got some idli, mostly because my baby shares our food and I thought idli would be nice and easy for him to handle. He's having it soon with the tiniest smudge of The Beard's korma sauce. I have had one and a half pieces of idli, which I can't find a syn value for anywhere. No idea on the total syns for this meal so let's just assume I'm going to have to have a very lean couple of days!
    S: Strawberries (baby had some of these too, his first ones ever, I think they're his new favourite!), Koko chocolate coconut milk (HXA).

    I'll be having an apple later and will probably make myself some warm soya milk with spices before bed.
  9. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member

    Right. Reining it in following last night's blip.

    B: 35g Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity muesli (HXB), soya milk (HXA), sliced banana.
    L: Bit of a mish-mash of stuff that needed using and stuff that'd be quick. Half a pack of Ainsley Lentil Dahl, Linda red onion snausages, massive pile of salad, 55g reduced fat hummus (HXB).
    D: Will be Granose Chicken-style meat free roast (11.5 syns for the whole thing, I'm having a third of it so rounding it up to 4 syns) with loads of veggies.
    S: Apple, Koko chocolate coconut milk (HXA), possibly some warm spiced soya milk before bed (HXA).

    Nice lean day before weighing tomorrow morning.
  10. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member

    Well, I've lost a kilo! Not bad going! A kilo a week is a nice target for me - that'd put me at 6 weeks away from my goal weight. Let's see if I can keep this up.

    B: 35g Dorset Cereal Simply Nutty muesli (HXB), soya milk (HXA), sliced banana.
    L: Made a huge bowl of couscous with roasted veggies (red and yellow pepper, courgette, red onion, cherry toms, garlic), butterbeans and rocket. I had a large helping of that with 55g reduced fat hummus (HXB) and three Linda's red onion snausages. Massive hearty meal! That'll be great fuel for our walk up Southend Pier later.
    D: We're having jacket spuds, beans and salad.
    S: Apple, Koko chocolate coconut milk.

    I've also installed the Water Your Body app on my phone, which is doing a fabulous job of reminding me to drink regularly. Really recommend it!
  11. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member

    I noticed towards the end of the day yesterday that I hadn't had ANY syns. Were I not boobing this wouldn't be a bad thing, but I AM so I (oh so reluctantly) squeezed a few in. I had 28g of plain chocolate (well okay, dark chocolate with naga chilli, my goodness it was fierce!) and grated 30g of soya cheese onto my jacket spud. I don't know the syn value of these things but don't think it went over 15.
  12. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member


    B: 35g muesli (HXB), soya milk (HXA), banana.
    L: Leftover couscous with roasted veg, butterbeans and rocket, 55g reduced fat hummus (HXB), Linda snausages, roasted garlic jam (3 syns).
    D: Bit of a weird mishmash. Huge salad, refried beans, Goodlife Mexican Vegetable Rice Nest (? syns) - didn't have the sauce with this as the packet was damaged, half an orzo pasta bake (think these are 2.5 syns a pop so I'll round it up to 1.5 syns), couple of tablespoons of chipotle salsa (? syns).
    S: Apple, Koko chocolate coconut milk (HXA), decaf soya latte before bed (HXA).

    Need to be more on the ball with keeping track of syns.
  13. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member


    B: 35g muesli (HXB), soya milk (HXA), banana.
    L: Enormous bowl of salad, Tesco Mediterranean couscous (2 syns), 55g reduced fat hummus (HXB), Linda snausages.
    D: Co-op microwave basmati rice (0.5 syns), AH lentil dahl, Linda spinach and mushroom burger (1.5 syns)
    S: Apple, Koko chocolate coconut milk (HXA).

    Will be having my usual mug of soething warm and milky at bedtime. This puts me at a total of 4 syns for the day, I'm not going to try for the full 15 but I will sneak in a few more before bedtime. Probably chocolatey. Smallest is teething at the moment and all he wants is boob, he is feeding like a demon right now and I'm really feeling it! Those extra allowances are really needed right now...
  14. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member


    B: 35g muesli (HXB), soya milk (HXA), banana.
    L: Breakfast! Fry's sausages, VBites rashers (2 syns), baked beans, tofu scramble, baked potato and green pepper hash. Comfort food!
    D: Quick and dirty bowl of Fry's chicky strips (oh, 7 syns? I forget), pasta, soya beans and 50g Cheezly (HXB). Not the healthiest choice but I was having a horrible time with the baby and needed to throw SOMETHING together.
    S: Apple, Koko chocolate coconut milk.
  15. memmarmite

    memmarmite Full Member


    B: 35g muesli (HXB), soya milk (HXA), banana.
    L: Huge salad, AH spice sensation couscous (1 syn), red onion Lindas.
    D: Granose chicky bake (6 syns), roasted veggies.
    S: Apple, Koko chocolate coconut milk, 3 breadsticks (3 syns).

    Tomorrow I'll be going off plan for a meal so I've not had my full syn total for a few days. It's my dad's 60th birthday and my mum is having us all over and making her famous biryani! Loads of rice and veg but I don't want to think about the syns in all the oils and pastes and all the accompaniments. I'll be moderating my portion sizes and sticking to plan for the rest of the day, but just for that one meal I'm having some time off! Luckily the cake isn't vegan friendly so I won't be partaking :D
  16. WasMicci

    WasMicci Silver Member

    Hello fellow vegan SWer, how are you doing?

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