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Muffin Recipes ....


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Slowly but surely!
I once made some muffins with crushed stick of rock in them, they were so devine, im drooling now lol cant remember how i did it though lol I dont know how you cope with all that cooking i struggle feeding the kids lol


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sorry but they dont sound nice at all lol
i love cooking ... i am itching to do more!! everyone thinks im weird!


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You can come around to my house if you like and cook some meals for my little one, that I can freeze and then pull out as and when needed. I'm a bit of a can't cook won't cook. I like baking though


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I've got some great muffin recipes hun...away from my cook bookmat the mo though! Will try to remember /pm you tommorrow x


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ok thanks rachie :D would be much appreciated!

have found a good low fat blueberry mufin recipe online - guna make them for my bf next weekend! Only 130 cals and 0.5g fat per muffin! lol

Lou - i so would if you lived closer!!!!!!!!!! lol


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summer will dig through my books later on today got couple of great recipes in there somewhere.Know what you mean about people thinking your odd cooking,i cook everything from scratch for family plus make cakes cheesecakes for my sister in laws pottery and once a week proved cooked lunch for 12 at my hubbies work. I love it and was determined not to make food the enemy in the house.


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Good way of thinking "not make food the enemy" i like it! hehe
I dont have any muffin recipies but there is a lovely apple type cake recipie i have if you want it. Its very nice :) I enjoyed it when i could eat lol. Theres a nice banana bread too. Caribbean style. yummy xxx
Made a banana cake with walnuts and dark choc-chips, cookies with hazelnuts, choc-chips and coconut and a Strawberry Pavlova with raspberry coulis...my OH is looking a bit podgy round the middle, now, actually........!!!! I adore cooking too, even more now I can't eat it....very, very strange.


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yes please guys!!! any recipes will be good!

could you pm me them pwease?!! xxxx
Banana cake: 8 oz Plain Flour, 3 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp mixed spice, 4 oz butter, 4 oz soft brown sugar, 2 eggs, 3 very ripe bananas, mashed, 3 oz broken walnuts, 2 oz dark choc-chips. Greaseproof lined loaf tin. Cream butter, sugar, add eggs a bit at a time, then mashed bananas (dont worry if it looks gross at this stage!) sift dry ingredients together then add, beating all the time, then the nuts and choc-chips. Gas mark 4 for 1 hr 15 mins, all depends on your cooker, tho! Enjoy...cokking it but NOT eating it!! Hee Hee!


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suppa - thankyou!! :)

i am defo guna try this one soon hehe
need to get myself a loan tin!
Hi Summer ! right this is a tried and tested recipe from a lady I used to work with. She makes the best muffins ever. Coincidentally she was overweight and lost about 8 stone on Lighter Life. She was one of my inspirations to do this!
Such an easy recipe by the way...I love baking but have no patience and a rubbish oven (nothing to do with my cooking! :)) and they still turn out fab!

Use the best quality ingredients you can afford (i.e organic butter etc if you can)

8 oz plain flour
1 tsp basking powder
quarter tsp salt
5oz caster sugar
3 oz real butter
1 egg
quarter pint whole milk
fruit of choice/ chocolate/ whatever you want

mix together: flour,baking powder, salt, sugar.

Rub the butter into the above until it looks like breadcrumbs. Mix the egg with the milk and mix to flour mixture. Stir in fruit or whatever you are adding (if using berries, i tend to liquidise most of the berries then chuck that and remaining berries in - gives the nice 'swirl' effect).
Spoon into muffin cases in a muffin tin.
Bake in preheated oven at 200 Degrees C for 20 mins.
I alway dust 'em with icing sugar when still warm...yum!
Good luck. hope they turn out okay x


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ooooh they sound scrummy - too bad im not guna be able to eat them! lol thanks rach.

Roughly how many does that mixture make? x


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Rach just used your recipe and added chocolate chips and chopped hazelnuts and sprinkled some hazlenuts on top.

They have turnt out really well. My brother has had 2 already and they have only been out the oven 10mins! lol Said they were spanking!! lol
Havnt quite gone the shape of a muffin, but still look and smell scrummy!!

Just got some low fat, low cal blueberry muffins in now for my bf! I hope he likes them! hehe


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ooh only just caught up on this thread - glad they turned out well, sound yummy!! you are doing sooo well hun don't cha just love lipo trim! xx


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I do indeed!!! lol

I made some more muffins yesterday using your recipe - made 12 with coconut and 12 with smarties - the family think i am trying to fatten em up!!! haha

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