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How did u make it??? :D


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in a bowl place 2 sweetners,crush them with back of spoon then add your shake i made it with chocolate shake add small amounts of water (cold) until a smooth paste ie like custard consistancy, mix well then place into ramakin dish or a really small bowl and put into microwave for 100 secs
it came out quite nice
had it with a cup of tea ( not as nice as a real chocolate muffin but it hit the spot lol)
will try it out with other flavour shakes
also if you are a bit of a choco holic my cd said you can mix a little chocolate shake and pore over the muffin to make it more chocolately...
try it out beats having 3 shakes a day gives a bit more vartiety as i have porrrage in the morning muffin and tea for lunch and a shake for dinner... only restarted after a few months but on day 3 so its all good


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If you do sole source think it's advised you have an extra product as putting the packs in the microwave can reduce the vitamins packs while only on ss isn't recommended, but sure a cdc will clarify the science bit :)


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i do a mixer of ss and ss+ as i have 3 shakes a day and i do put milk in me tea thats soya milk also i have multivitamin tablet a day
i no this is not following the rules properly but my weight loss is the say as doing sole souce as last year i lost 2 stone in 2 months doing the above and the xtra vitamin tablet i take helps anything i loose through microwaving the shake ...
and any xtra minerals in tablets are disposed by body anyway