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Mug Shots

Hi everyone

I am doing ee and am struggling slightly as i am fussy about what i eat for my lunches, usually sandwiches or wraps

I have heard of these mug shot things but not sure what they are. Are the suitable for a lunch? I always have some fruit and a yoghurt with my lunch as well , I use my HEA and B every day on cereal and milk


T x
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Mug shots are like pasta in soup type things you make in a mug with boiling water. Theyre yummy. Most are free on all plans but theres a few like thai and cheesey that have syn values. Theyre ok for lunches. I normally put a whole load of SF veg with mine so its kinda like a stir fry almost. Yum :)


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Yeah, they're only syn free or low syn on green and EE. On their own they wouldn't satisfy me so make sure you have lots of fruit and veg with them and this will also make up your 1/3 superfree.

But for lots of better ideas of what to have for lunch do a search as there are loads of threads on the subject.
how many syns are the thai and cheesy ones? thanks C x
cheers x


I want to be fitter again
You would be better off taking some pasta salad with lots of peppers peas and sweetcorn added and maybe some shredded chicken.x


I want to be fitter again
Oh just noticed this thread is from February, I should imagine Teenyweeny, you have had some lunches now or else you would be exceedingly thin lolxx
Some people at my group love them but personally I don't find them filling. I would eat one then be looking for something else an hour later!
I still havent tried them lol not my thing to be honest.

I have been struggling so have given up but hope to start afresh tomorrow and go from there, need to sit with my book tonight and decide a food plan for the next week to stay focused

Thank you all for your replies


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