muller light limited edition lemon cheesecake


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Just had this yoghurt and have to say won't be having it again. All the little bits in it where like soft biscuit, texture was yuck, plus I wasted a syn on it! Wish I had the chocolate orange one now that is gorgeous and syn free!!!
I was talking to a lady last night at sw and she didn't realize that there are a couple of the mullerlights that have a syn value.
Tip for you ladies and gents weigh your healthy B section of 28g porridge oats and mix with a muller light yoghurt or two and leave overnight in the fridge, tastes yummy in the morning and it free's up an A section as your not using your milk.:wavey:
Janet xx
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I was really excited to try the lemon cheesecake muller it sounded lush. But I also thought it was yuck, mainly because the texture of the biscuit bits they were too soft and slimy.

I agree the magic porridge is great.


I will do this!!!
I hated the soft, mushy pieces of biscuit! i do LOVE the orange chocolate one!!! yummy


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Yeah, I can't eat them because they are not veggie friendly but my sister tried one and said they were disgusting, nasty synthetic lemon with a horrible aftertaste.


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I swear Muller keep changing their recipes!

When these were out before they were really yum, infact I remember everyone raving about them!

Also the vanilla used to be really thick & tasty, but I think they are really runny & tasteless now.

Think the Shape & Weightwatchers ones are much better & the WW Dessert ones are deffo worth a syn.


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I must be alone then as I like the Lemon Cheese cake one! :eek: I didn't know they were 1 syn though! Luckily I have only had 1... will know in future. Thanks x
I didn't know it was a syn either, thanks. I thought mine had gone off due to bits and texture of it.... horrible!!! i bought two so will force on of the kids to eat the other lol!!!


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I quite like the lemon cheesecake one but not really enough to waste syns. I thought it was 2 syns for that one to?

I cannot find the orange chocolate ones. Where do you get them?


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The orange and chocolate ones only come as part of the six packs, with the vanilla/chocolate and vanilla/cherry layer


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Not a fan either of the cheesecake either and was disappointed after hearing such praise of them and then finally seeing them in my local supermarket....but I love the cranberry & strawberry one and also the toffee is tasty. Shape fuller for longer are divine but to be honest I buy whatever's on offer.
Must give magic porridge a go!


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I think they are yummy! My kind of yoghurt lol. My worst nightmare would be something with mushed up fruit in :9529: so the one with the cherry layer would definately be a no no for me!


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I absolutely love the orange one but hate the cherry one, espec since it isn't free! Really wish they sold the orange one with choc seperately like they do the vanilla one with choc.. I love them! Like a chocolate orange but syn free :0) :0)