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mum of 2's SW diary

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
What a good idea to have a weight loss diary. I want to make one myself mainly for my own benefit.

Started SW yesterday and weighed what i expected (I have been pretty clued up on my weight for years). I need to lose 2 stone 8 pounds, which isnt a lot I know, but I have decided if I start now it will be easier than waiting until I have a lot more to lose.

First of all a bit of background of my weight:
  • 1997 I was 9 stone and a size 8 to 10 in clothes.
  • Christmas 1998 After one month of Uni I went up to 10 stone and a size 12. Pretty much stayed that way until.
  • 2003 11 stone and a size 14
  • 2005 had my first child, didnt put on weight as I didnt eat that much cos I wasnt hungry so went down to 10 stone again and a size 12.
  • 2006 went back up to 11 stone and a size 14.
  • 2007 had my second child and lost whatever I put on so after my girl was born I was still 11 stone and a size 14
  • 2008 went up another stone so was 12 stone and a size 16.
  • 2009 joined a gym and watched what I ate and lost 10 pounds. This all went back on again.
  • 10.5.10 started week one of a running programme I found on the internet.
  • 12.5.10 went to my first SW and weight 12 stone 8.

So now my aim is to eat off the SW lifestyle and carry on my running so eventually I will lose my weight and be the size 12 person who weighs 10 stone. However this may change if it comes off really easily and I MAY try for a lower dress size.

So fingers crossed it all goes well
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mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Thought Id start a new piece for my actual diary.

Yesterday I found hard cos I didnt have a lot of healthy stuff in (ie fruit etc) and I was really worried that I wouldnt be able to stick to the 5 to 15 syns a day. Anyway once I looked into it I realised that I could do it if I thought about it. Plus I found that one of my fave meals (something which I usually try to avoid as I thought it was really bad for me) Tomato Pasta-in-a-sauce is Syn free woooohoooo.

Having said that yesterday didnt go too well for food and being good, but today has been really well I bought some banana's especially, there was no apples in the shop.

Breakfast - Bran Flakes with 150 mls Milk and chopped Banana (HEA and HEB)

Lunch - Jacket Potato with 28 grams cheese (6 syns) and Beans

Dinner - Fish, Mash and mushy peas (The fish was birds eye in batter so I took the batter off my portion) I worked out to be about 7 syns as there was butter in the mash and I did eat one bit of batter (just to taste)

Tonight i will have the rest of my allowance of milk (100 mls) and poss a banana if hungry.

Tomorrow is shopping day and my list is full of healthy eating things so will do better from tomorrow :) although I was planning to eat more banana, but now I have just read that even though they are free, they are better in moderation and Im better with others. Unfortunatly Grapes and bananas are my fave fruit and was planning to fill up on those when hungry :(

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Well went shopping today, got 2 6-packs of muller light BOGOF from Tesco. Have a vanilla one in the Freezer for later. Looking forward to that. mmmmmmmm.

Also bought salads, apples, banana's, lighter than light spread, fat free vinegarette (cant remember how to spell it, but I think my ways better :p) and pepsi max (addicted to coke and pepsi so swapping to this). I also thought about my evening meals and made sure I got the better mince/chicken etc.

Today started off OK, I did my last day of my first weeks runnning programme and had my bran flakes and banana for breakfast. Yesterday 150 mls of milk was too much so i put it down to 100 mls milk which was still too much. That is good, cos I like a drink of milk before I go to bed so i will finish whatever I dont have on my breakfast then.

Was really hungry after shopping so had an apple, my daughter helped me eat it, but got upset when I wouldnt let her eat the core :8855:. Went out for lunch, Weatherspoons so lost some syns there, but had to laugh at my daughter she was eating my salad instead of her chips, suppose I cant complain about that. I ate her fruit bag.

For tea it was chicken and veg so no syns there. So not too bad a day. Tomorrow will be another good one :)


S: 19st3lb C: 18st1.5lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 1st1.5lb(5.76%)
Just wanted to say good luck with your weightloss :D and well done for buying all your healthy options food.

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Didnt have a bad day yesterday.

For breakfast I had a mullerlight yoghurt and a banana.
I had a mid-morning snack of an apple

Then took a walk into town 30 mins each way also while in town I bought my husband his dinner a subway sandwich, why does is smell soooo much nicer when im trying to lose weight? Proud of myself for not giving in to temptation though :)

For lunch I made my own cheese and onion sandwich on wholemeal bread (hea and heb) which was a change from my usual saturday lunch of the local bakery's cheese and onion sandwich. Mine only used up 2 syns by using my low fat spread.

Tea was a stir fry chicken and veg. This was made by chicken breast cooked in soy sauce, fresh veg and some egg noodles. (2.5 syns for noodles)

Later on I was starving so cooked some dry pasta and sprinkled on some herbs. Last week I would have raided the crisps.

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Had my first weigh in today. I lost 2.5lbs :D I was surprised to lose so much as I think in the last 7 days I had one day (Thurs) where I know I did not use all my syns. Every other day Ive just gone over :(. Having said that I have changed a lot of things with my lifestyle:

  • Started running
  • swapped coke/pepsi for pepsi max
  • cut out crisps,biscuits, chocolate and sugar
  • eat more fruit (have gone from having no fruit to having at least 2 pieces a day)
  • cut down alcohol (not that I had a lot anyway, just every sat, but dont anymore) and will only drink on the odd night out I have (usually about one a month)
  • cut down on cheese a lot (I love cheese on most of my lunches eg cheese on toast, jacket with cheese and beans, cheesy chips mmmmmmmm)
  • Swapped cooking ingredients for the healthier choices (eg low fat spread not butter)
  • really thought about my lunches (This week Ive had salad, jacket potato with beans and quark on)
Obviously I do intend to cut down and change more things as time goes on, its just that Ive found it hard to do much more than I have done.

Heres to another good week :cool:


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S: 14st6lb C: 13st11lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 0st9lb(4.46%)
Well done! You are doing brilliantly!

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Not doing so good right now. Had a bad weekend. My friend left to go away for 6 months so on Friday night we had a few drinks. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending which way you look at it) we had too good a night and I had far more than I would usually. Also being the lovely weather meant a trip to the seaside which meant fish and chips, and ice cream. Also right now Im not doing too well, I am really really really wanting to give in to the temptation of biscuits. Just had an options hot choc now really want another with some biccy's. I get depression from time to time and currently having a couple of off days so really wanna comfort eat, but better not as I had a bad weekend. Also getting weighed tomorrow so better not.

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Well I was pleasantly surprised today. I lost 1lb. Ive eaten loads of rubbish this week (3 meals out and a night out), and I still managed to lose weight. I think it was probably the haircut I had the other day hahaha either way I still lost :D

I think this week will be better, Ive got no plans of drinking and I really cant see us going for many meals out, maybe one if that. We cant afford it so Im thinking I might be able to lose at least 2 lbs.

My running is still half going well. I say half cos I should have gone this morning, but I didnt. Gonna go tomorrow instead.
Hyer, Ive also had a rubbish week and uunfortunatly i did give into the cravings of biscuits!! (well done for resisting!). And a good loss to, keep it up hun its going to be worth it x

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Well I lost another 2.5lbs this week. So its going good. i was hoping for 2 lbs, but even better whoop whoop. I was pleasantly surprised as I like to have an idea before my WI so I popped into Boots and had a sneaky peak and hadnt lost any (so those scales said) so today I was very happy with the result.

Another 2lbs next week?

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Well I stayed the same this week. Never mind, I have been slightly naughty maybe this will give me the motivation to get back on track. At least I didnt put any on, which is a good thing. I actually ran for 3 mins this morning so thats a good thing. Im not running to lose weight (that's what SW is for), but to get fit and hopefully tone up a bit. Once Im down to a stone less than what I am now Im going to incorporate the running with some toning exercises. I know I could do those now, but I know that if I try to do too much at once I wont stick to it and be back where I started. A little at a time is my motto for this lifestyle change Im doing. Ive made so many changes to my lifestyle (esp with food) that ATM I cant do much more without sticking to it.

My aim for next WI is to get my half stone award, so thats 1lb I need to lose for that and the one after to have the first part of the scales read a number less than what it does now (even if Im only half a pound less). So rules for this week are: no alcohol and no finishing off the kids teas (even if its only 1 bite).

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
I know I should write in this more often, but I really havent anything to say.

I lost 3 lb this week which is the most I have ever lost to day :D Although even though I cant help being really pleased with that I certainly dont want to lose any more than that a week. Im aiming for 1 to 2 lbs a week as I feel that will help me keep it off longer. I certainly dont want to put it all back on again.

I celebrated getting to less than 12 stone by having Pizza Hut for my dinner. Naughty I know, but Pizza is my favourite meal and where better than pizza hut? Ive seen a recipe on here for low syn (poss even syn free) pizza made with wholemeal bread mix so I might try one, the only thing is Im not sure if it will taste good. Im going to make up for it by eating at least one portion of food that superspeeds weight loss and two portions that speed weightloss a day. Or at least try anyway.

Thinking about it now. I think that I am doing the right thing by not really taking it too seriously (after all if I did that I wouldnt stick to it) and allowing myself not to get too upset if I go over 15 syns (which I must admit I do at least 2 days a week). At least for now anyway. Once I get down to my last half stone I probably will go a bit mad with it all cos Ive got the impression that its the last half thats the hardest to lose. If got to just cut down my syns gradually.

I dont know how anybody can find it difficult to actually get 5 a day. Mind you they probably dont know how anybody finds it difficult to stay at 15 or less a day like I do. Its those little syns that add up - a knob of butter here, a bit of cheese there. Besides my husband isnt on the plan and doesnt want to lose weight so I dont want to force my eating choices on him as I dont think its fair. Ive changed some things, but Im also keeping him happy and its a good compremise, just what marriage is about.

Theres more to life than dieting and I certainly dont want it to take over my life. Anyway its a lifestyle change not a diet so a bit of naughtyness here and there isnt going to hurt anyone. Id rather be a bit naughty and keep those around me happy. I dont believe in pushing my losing weight down other's throat.


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S: 11st12lb C: 11st10.9lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st1.1lb(0.66%)
Yeah it's probably good to be flexible with your syns.

Monday night, the first day of me "sticking to plan 100%" I ended up having 30syns on vodka alone. I could easily have drank the whole bottle, as I can handle my drink, but I thought that'd be taking it too far!

I'm slightly compensating for it with my daily syns since, but I'm not going to punish myself. What's done is done, if it backfires and I gain, then I know not to do it again! Haha.

Fabulous weight loss diary so far, good luck and keep up the good work! :D xxx

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Well I STS this week, which I was soooo chuffed with. I worked out I had 10 'good' meals in 7 days - 6 of those meals were breakfast. Whoops. Im aiming this week to lose 2 lbs.

Its nice to hear someone say its good to be flexible with my syns, Thanks RubyMoss. Sometimes when I read or hear people say that if you go over 15 syns its not gonna work, I feel scared that Im not going to lose weight. It makes a nice healthy change to know others go over on syns (even if it is just one day a month). We're not all perfect, but at least I am still losing weight, even though it is slowly, but I am comfortable with that.

Ive stopped going running, but I have now got a work-out DVD. I find me forcing myself to go out for a run, whereas prancing around my living room can be quite fun. Just dont know if it will get boring after a while. Im finding it hard and not managing the full hour constantly moving so I have changed my minigoals now to include getting the full work-out and all the sit-ups completed instead of how long I can run for.

Anyway thats all for now, will post mid-week with my food progress so far.

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
:happy036::happy036::happy036: I got Slimmer of the month!!!!!!

Totally didnt think Id get that. Didnt think Id been there long enough, after all it was only my first full proper month. I must be doing something right :D:D:D Not bad considering I dont count my syns. Of course Im not expecting to get away with not counting my syns forever, but while Im still losing weight, then why should I. Once my weight loss slows down or stops I will re-evaluate my eating patterns and lifestyle, but for now I will carry on the way I am. After all I have made loads of changes to my lifestyle and they are obviously working. I just havent always stuck to 5 to 15 syns a day. I would say in a week I have 3 or 4 days with about 10-15 syns, 1 day a week I probably have about 50 and the other days probably around the 20ish mark.

Just read my last message. I never did give a mid-week report. On sat morn my husband said to me that he could tell Ive lost some weight, there was less of me to snuggle. I know he'd rather I ate what I liked all the time and was a bit squidgy, but I was gaining weight and was worried Id end up obese.

Anyway Im aiming to get my stone award in a couple of weeks. 2.5lbs to go so you never know it might happen next week, but as Ive decided to do this the scenic route, I will aim for the week after.

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Not sure what it will say tomorrow at WI. On sat I hadnt lost anything, but then again I usually do my most work in these 2 days before WI. Mind you, I never put anything on either. Ive not had a great week. Wed I was too happy with my slimmer of the month, thurs we had a bad tea (this was planned), fri and sat fell by the waveside as per usual. Sunday kind of messed up as I had alcohol, only one beer, but it is something I am trying to not have. Today Ive eaten 2 cookies, but according to SW website they are 3 syns each. So thats not too bad as Ive had no other syns so far, lunch is omlette (made with egg and fry lite) and beans. Snack this aft is apple and grapes so then theres just tea. So even with my two biscuits I will be having a normal syn day today.

Although saying all this I do think Im getting a bit lax with my slimming. Ive started giving myself ice cream (only a little bit once a week), Today my cookies, how long before its near enough everyday? Having said that now Im thinking about it maybe Im not doing too bad. After all if I didnt allow ANY of this stuff I would never stick to it.

Ive done well to stick to salads for dinner as Im not a big fan. It has been too hot for anything else though. Now its getting cooler for now I can have things like beans on toast (using hexB), omlette and beans, pasta, mugshots etc for my dinners. This cant be bad as even my salad had some syns in. With the dressing, cheap ham (cant afford to buy the expensive stuff).

Well we shall see what tomorrow brings. Ive taken on a new perspective on life (not just with SW) to be more positive. Instead of saying I want or I hope, Im saying I will. I will lose weight. I will lose another dress size.

I was looking through a friends pictures on facebook the other night as she is the reason why I chose SW (she has lost 3 stone). This has given me another lease of life with it.

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Well I stayed the same again this week. Although I think thats how it seems to work for me. I lose some one week then STS the next. Lose some, STS, lose some STS etc. At least Im not gaining anything. The only time I didnt follow this pattern was my second week where I lost 1lb, though I did have my hair cut in that week so its probably that where my 1lb went so basically I lose wieght, STS lose weight, STS, lose weight, STS over and over again.

Ive decided to start running again as I think this is better for me than my DVD. Im thinking running Mon, Wed and Fri. Doing my DVD toning Tues and Thurs. Its just can I get up early 5 days a week. I was kind of liking 3 days a week getting up early. Well its tough I'll get used to it.

Ive started to try positive thinking in every aspect of life (not just SW) so I am going to lose 2lbs this week.

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