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MummyClaire's Diary

Welcome to my SW diet thread I will start my diary from yesterday when i started the diet.

Please feel free to comment and advise and give tips on other things to try, ect. All help is appreciated[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]!

A bit about me and my goals:

[FONT=&quot]My Name is Claire, I am 25 years old, and I weigh 99kg / 15.5 Stone. Just over 3 Years ago I had my daughter Phoebe, and I gave up work. Since then the weight has just piled on, I went from having a job where I was on my feet for 8 - 10 hours a day and usually went out clubbing 3 times a week so was fairly active ... to sitting at my computer or in front of the telly for 8 - 10 hours a day :(

[/FONT] [FONT=&quot]I cant believe what I have been eating for the last few years, no wonder I have gone from a size 16 (the day I left hospital after having my daughter) to 3 years later being a size 22 (a 20 if they are stretchy trousers)[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Now it is time for a change and a new start to a healthier (and slimmer) life

I have decided to do Slimming World’s Extra Easy diet plan.
I know it might seem ages away but my deadline is .... 1st September 2011!

[FONT=&quot]There are many reasons for choosing this month, my best mate gets married (and has asked me to be a bridesmaid), my daughter will be starting school and I will be going back to work.
So lots of motivation which should be good!

I will be doing my diet in 3 stages:

My First milestone doesn't have a target weight just want to be slimmer and healthier by the end of this year! I'm going to take it 1 day then 1 week then 1 month at a time!

My 2nd Milestone will start in January next year, once I have my head around the diet and am used to a healthier lifestyle, I will start to give myself a target weight to achieve for my September deadline!

My 3rd Milestone will be to get down to 12 stone (or less) and keep my weight down! Hopefully this 12 stone milestone will be the same time as my 2nd milestone if not before, but if it isn't and i am happy with my weight then i wont mind :)

[/FONT] The reason I am writing my weight in kg and stone is because I am using "The Biggest Loser USA" on my wii for my exercise so will take my weight as what it is when I weigh in on there (which is done in kg) and then will also convert it into stones so its easy to understand.

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Monday 17th May 2010

Breakfast: 1 banana - (free)

Lunch: Batchelors cup-a-soup extra, minestrone with pasta - (6 syns)

Snack: 1 tin tuna in brine with 1/4 of a cucumber, 1 apple (all free)

Tea: Chicken Casserole (chicken breast, leek and carrot) made using colemans chicken casserole mix, 6 syns a pack but only had 1/2 - (3 syns)
Mash Potato (Potato - free, Milk - HEx A, 25g Flora lighter then light - 2.5 syns)

Snack: Left over mash potato (free) with 1 tbsp tomato ketchup (1 syn)

Drinks : robinsons, no added sugar orange squash and a glass of diet pepsi (both free)

total syns today: 12.5

Exercise: 1 hour on the wii
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Tuesday 18th May 2010

Breakfast: 1 Apple and a Chicken mug shot (both free)

Lunch : Tuna Pasta Salad - pasta, tin of tuna, spring onion, cucumber, cress (all free)

Snack: wholemeal roll (HEx B), 1x Laughing cow lighter then light triangle (HEx A) 1 slice tesco light choices crumbed ham (free)

Tea: Cajun Chicken, Jacket Potato (sprayed with fry light better then butter), Salad (all free)
1 Banana and a Toffee mullerlite for dessert (both free)

Drinks : Robinsons, no added sugar orange squash and a glass of diet pepsi (both free)

total syns today: 0

Exercise: 30 min on the wii, and walked to tesco and back (15 min each way)
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Wednesday 19th May 2010

Breakfast: 1 Apple, 1 Banana, 1 Toffee Mullerlite Yoghurt (all free)

Lunch: 3 Quorn cumberland sausages, 3 eggs (free) scrambled using milk (HEx A), 1/2 tin Spaghetti in tomato sauce (free)

Tea: 1 Wholemeal bread roll, 2x Laughing cow lighter then light triangle (HEx A), 2 slices tesco light choices crumbed ham (free), Few slices of cucumber (free)

Drinks : Robinsons, no added sugar orange squash and a glass of diet pepsi (both free)

total syns today: 0

Exercise: walked to Tesco (15min) so not a lot of it today :(
Hi hun im also 25 and mum to sophie who is nearly 7 months! Like you i have piled the weight on! Anyways im by no means an expert but i believe from what people say on here is that you must have your syns (unless say you are saving them for a night out) as they are a important part of the sw way of life. Also i think you may need to eat more lol ( i know shock horror!)...loads of fruit and veg and snacks of yogurts etc then you could have some syns in the evening on something you enjoy? Emx
hi, thanks for the advice :) i know its not good having no syns, i will get some more syns in, i am kinda saving some of them as i am going to have a bacon bagette with ketchup at the weekend!... i was planning on having some in those 2 days, i just found i ran out of time to eat anymore before i went to bed lol

i was on the go nearly all day yesterday and the day just flew by ! .... i didn't have lunch till about 2:30! lol

i am making it up today though ... i had a yummy cocopops cereal bar for breakfast :D .. well worth every syn :)
i think i don't snack much as i have quite big meals ... i try to get some fruit and veg in every day ..... i didn't even eat all my yoghurt yesterday morning so i did finish that as my evening snack :) .... i will have to look at more peoples diarys for other ideas, i have been so busy syn valueing everything in my cupboards i forget to actually eat sometimes ..... maybe i need to write myself a meal time plan! :)

Thursday 19th May 2010

Breakfast: 1 banana (free) 1 cocopops cereal bar (4 syns)

Lunch : Chicken Chow Mein - 1 chicken breast (free), egg noodles (free), veg stir fry mix (free),3 spring onions (free), 1 tbsp soy sauce (free), 50g Sharwoods hoi sin and spring onion sauce (3 syns)

Snack: 1 wholemeal roll (HEx B) with ham (free)

Tea: 1/2 a Homemade Lasagne - Carrot, onion, mixed peppers, lean mince, passata, beef stock, mixed herbs, garlic, red wine vinegar, lasagne sheets (all free), topped with 250ml skimmed milk and 28g Low Low cheese (HEx A for today and tomorrow, as having half the lasagne each day, therefore 1 HEx A per day), 1 Tbsp Cornflour (3.5 syns, will count the full amount of syns today then wont count them tomorrow), with salad

Drinks: Orange squash, Diet Pepsi (both free)

total syns today: 11

Exercise: 45 min on wii
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Friday 20th May 2010

Breakfast: 1 banana

Lunch: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup - chicken stock, chicken breast, root ginget, garlic, egg noodles, sweetcorn, spring onion, carrot, soy sauce (all free)

Tea: the lasagne left over from yesterday (free) (HEx A used in sauce) with salad

Drinks: Diet Papsi

Total syns today: 0

Exercise: walked to tesco and home again (30 min)
Saturday 21 / 05 / 2010

Breakfast: Quorn Sausages (free), Scrambled eggs (free, HEx A for milk), Spaghetti in tomato sauce (free)

Lunch: 2x Panini's (10.5 each = 21 syns), tuna (free), onion (free), 2 tbsp seafood sauce (2 syns a tbsp = 4 syns)
very high in syns but i was at my parents for lunch !

Tea: Cajun Chicken, salad and jacket potato with fry light better then butter (all free), 2 tbsp salad cram light (2 syns a tbsp = 4 syns)

Dessert: 1/4 of Hamemade Triffle, (3.5 syns for whole bowl = 1 syn)

Drinks: Diet Pepsi (free), 1/2 bottle of Rose Shloer (750ml bottle, 250ml is 6 syns 1/2 bottle = 9 syns)

Total syns today: 39

Exercise: none, but i was very active today as i was getting lots of heavy boxes (for bootsale) out of the loft, then up and down the stairs taking it all down stairs, then from down stairs out to the car.
Sunday 22nd May 2010

Breakfast: Bacon Bagette (? Syns, approx. 12?) with 2 tbsp tomato ketchup (2 syns)

Lunch: Rice Salad (free)

Tea: 2x Chicargo town Pepperoni, deep dish pizzas (24 syns each = 48 syns), with salad (free) and 2 tbsp light salad cream (4 syns)

Dessert: 2 scoops carte dor Latte Macchiato icecream (5.5 syns)
tea and dessert very high in syns as i was at my parents for tea !

Drinks: Diet pepsi (free)

Total syns today: approx 71.5

Exercise: none, but active as moving boxes from car to boot sale stall and putting back in at end, then emptying car when i got home.
yep i'm doing EE :) - have i done something wrong somewhere? it was my 1st week so still getting my head around it :)

this weekend was really bad, but am going to try to be good all week again now.
i cant believe how bad it was having lunch one day and tea the next at my mums house :( i was only planning on having the bacon bagette as my bad thing this weekend :(

Weigh In 1

Start weight :
99kg / 15.5 Stone / 218 lbs
Weighed in today at 97kg / 15.2 stone / 213 lbs

so really happy with loosing 5 lbs after the weekend i had

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Monday 23rd May 2010

Breakfast: 1 banana (free)

Lunch: 2 Quorn peppered steaks (free), salad (free), 2 Tbsp Light salad cream (4 syns)

Tea: Cajan chicken (free), Salad (free), Jacket Potato (free), 2 tbsp light salad cream (4 syns)

Drinks: orange squash and diet pepsi (both free)

Total Syns today: 8

Exercise: 30 min on wii
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Weigh In 2

Start weight :
99kg / 15.5 Stone / 218 lbs
Weighed in week 1 at: 97kg / 15.2 stone / 213 lbs

weighed in today at:
99kg / 15.5 Stone / 218 lbs

sorry for not posting food diary for last week, i didn't do one as i was on holiday. Had lots of days and meals out I only put on what i lost the week before so really happy :D

back to the diet today !!

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Weigh In 3

Start weight :
99kg / 15.5 Stone / 218 lbs
Weighed in week 1 at: 97kg / 15.2 stone / 213 lbs
weighed in week 2 at:
99kg / 15.5 Stone / 218 lbs

weighed in today at 97kg / 15.2 stone / 213lbs

really happy as it shows i'm back on track now :)


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