Murphy...kitten named and shamed (and found thank god!!)

Going in half an hour to pick up an 8 week old kitten but we have no idea what to call him!!

He's a boy and black....

Any ideas.....and if anyone says Sooty I'll not talk to you

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I am a big fan of not naming a cat straight away. I like to get to know any new additions for a little while and then I try to find a name to suit them :) the way I will be requiring pics ;) :D
i always think names like cecil, Frank, George, steve, Bob, geoff, Ramesses etc are really funny for animals....maybe its just my stupid sense of humour!
anyway....cant think of a seroius one at the mo!
my step sister was going to call her cat 'Wax' so she could shout 'ere wax, ere wax'!!!!! LOL
Charlie! thats a good one! well...i like it!

My old neighbours has a cat called Dave and it was a she! So funny

Or was that just my sense of humour!

How about Snowy? Just to be opposites!
When my parents were alive they had a cat called maggot, that was embarrasing at the vets!
Amanda...go for Cam after me!!! LOL

Everyone has a black cat called Sooty! what about PEPPER?
A friend of mine called her black cat Pickle! or you could go with CD! or tetra! now I'm getting silly!

Kam x
hahahhahaha my first thought was sooty!!

becca suggests 'black jack'

'salem' from sabrina the teenage whitch

'liquiroche' tho you'll have to learn how to spell it!

Fluffy, if he's fluffy - one of ours is name that as he was fluffy when a kitten - no more tho!!

will think of more - ooh how about treacle or is that too girlie??

will think of some more!!
I had a black kitten that started off as Muffin, then he grew into a huge animal and we called him bear, finally he ended up as CAT.

I am with chicken on this one, let it find it's own name. Let it settle in and a name will come to you. My father recently found a ginger kitten, he called it Oscar, but within a few days it became Yoda after it's weird smile.

Have fun with the kitten, your life will never be the same again.