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Muscle Memory - Fact or Fiction?

Hiya im very interested in this subject and would like to open it up to discussion.

Does it exist?
If so how long does it last?
eg ( if i was toned 15 years ago is the memory still there)

At what stage does it kick in? eg ( only after reaching a certain body fat amount)

How much does it kick in? eg ( will it return fully if worked with or are the results less)

Thanks for reading i think if we can get this accurate then it could be very inspirational.:)
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I have asked myself exactly those questions! anybody have the answers?
HI Circes

Many years ago i worked with wieghts, was very athletic in build.

Muscle Memory is were a muscle remembers its build and can regain it.

I would like to thnk that i could get near to where i was before, I know it wont be it as im 20 years on, but it something to aim for.:)
I absolutely believe it! It's training the muscle for a purpose and when a specific movement is repeated time and again the body will respond by instinct making the movement easier each time. I also believe most of that is in the mind. Like popping a sugar pill.
Fact!! Not sure about how long it remains but my bet is that with training and sensible diet changes you will get back where you was or close to it x
channingahujia said:
Muscle memory is in fact about neural patterns and ability of movement.It's a anatomy of motor learning.It involves alliance of a specific movement through alliteration so the assignment becomes automatic.
English please !!!! Lol x

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