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mushroom = cheese???

Ok, I know our taste buds change considerably but....

Why do I think the mushroom soup, when highly concentrated, such as in a poppadom, takes distinctly cheesy? I am not complaining as I miss cheese terribly. It tastes like mushroom when its a soup, but def cheesy otherwise.:eat:

Am I now officially nuts? :silly:
But do you really care ? look at what you have done !!!!!! being nuts helps.........


Taking it Day by Day
Mhhhh, cheese.......................
I do so miss cheese. I will definitely give this a try tonight, and hope you're right I am quite bored with the mushroom soup at the moment anyway, so a change in flavour would be a definite improvement!! I let you know whether you're tastebuds have gone nuts or not once I tried it


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I've not noticed that myself Sarah.... I can only drink the mushroom and the chicken soup too so I do get plenty of it.

Definitely miss my cheese though.



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I think the chicken soup poppadom tastes like cheese as well!
Sez - me too!
Especially if you almost 'burn' the crisps and have a nice thick consistency, they taste exactly like cheese :D
That's what I'm having for dinner tonight. Oh the joys!


has started again!!
Phew..... so either we are all mad or the cheesey flavour is there!!!

I especially enjoy a semi-burnt mushroom soup (AKA cheese!!) poppadom with a cup of Marigold as my evening meal!! mmmmmm!!!!


Taking it Day by Day
I tried making poppadoms with the mushroom last night, and I have to say that when you leave it to almost burn (turn brown) it does have some sort of resemblance with cheese flavour. Good enough for me anyway, so I will have it again tonight, mhhh.....

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