New food tastes


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What new foods have you tried as part of your weight loss.
I know some of you have said that you aren't very adventurous with food and trying new vegetables in particular haven't been easy.

I have been trying to find healthier alternatives for many things or adding new superfoods to smoothies to get extra vitamins and minerals.

Sprilluna (I never know how to spell it) now gets added to my smoothie, it makes it very green and I can only describe the taste as "greener"

Organic cacao powder is used sometimes in my smoothie when it is not a green one, it adds a nice chocolate flavour

Milled flaxseed is something I have been using for a number of years now when I remember. It tends to expand and go very gloopy when left so needs to be eaten quickly. I have it on porridge or in a smoothie. I take it to help my dry skin

Almond milk I use an odd time as I don't like regular milk, I was using it in my smoothie but now just use water.

Sheeps cheese or goats cheese I use now instead of cows milk cheese, but I have drastically reduced my cheese intake

Herbal tea is my main beverage, I haven't had coffee in 3 years and only regular tea if I am visiting someone else and they make it for me. My favourites are peppermint, matcha green, turmeric, tulsi.

Hazlenut butter I bought yesterday and tried last night, its amazing. I don't know how healthy it is for weight loss but hope it is better than butter or jam for breakfast on toast.

What about you, what new tastes have you tried and liked? Or what have you tried and wont go back to again?
My friend I agree with you in some point. none must wait for miracles any weight loss product in the market but, If you exercises regularly, avoid stress and eat organic healthy food, a weight loss tea will make fat burn faster.