Mushy pea curry!


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Its looooooveely is one of my green day staples tbh, quick, cheep and easy to make and it taste awesome. I was highly dubious of it at first, but then i made some and it was lush


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i made it last weekend and agree it was lovely, i put chicken pieces in mine.


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I didn't like it... For me it was far to grainy tasting!! From now on il be sticking with the recipe from the old sauces book... I really wanted to like it too ? x


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Did you guys blend it??

Ive seen alot of people dont but I did myself, an was beautiful! Also added chopped onion. Pepper and chicken to go in. (as solids)

Tin baked beans
Tin mushy teas
Curry powder to taste
Tin butter beans.


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Oh wow I'd forgotten about mushy pea curry, haven't had it in months!
I love it, its def on the dinner list for next week. Any time I've made it I've blended it, looks a bit better I think xx


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I made it the other day, me and OH didn't like it. I was shocked that my bf tried it, he can be abit fussy at times!! Wasn't for me. lol


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I had my leftovers last night and it was just as good second time around :) x x


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I made this today - what a great curry.
Will be making it again. :eek: