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Musically talented anyone?


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Well I play the bagpipes and drum kit.

Both of which are in bands.

Being in a pipe band is great. Basically travel over the country, play then get hammered on the bus on the way home - well we are Scottish afterall :D

Playing drum kit in a rock band is also a lot of fun. Writing, recording and playing gigs. I must add we are nothing massive and basically play in the local town now and then, just for the fun of it really.

I put these two factors down as the main reasons why I apparently have insanely good hand-eye coordination.

So anyone else play a musical instrument?
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Hi puggso :)

I play the piano although I am a bit rusty!! :D

Lacey..x :)


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I'm a music teacher. Play piano, cello, violin, recorder, flute, clarinet, guitar, boomwhackers;)

Have never played the bagpipes. I'd love to try though :cool:


I play piano, trumpet, violin (rusty) and guitar (very rusty).

I used to play jazz and swing in bands when I was at Uni, but I haven't done for a while. Funnily enough, since I've recently moved house to somewhere fairly rural, I was thinking of trying to track down local bands and see if they needed a horn! :)

These days, when I get on a stage I wear lycra and shout a lot. You guessed it, I'm a [strike]rock singer[/strike] fitness instructor.

Deb G

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Piano, clarinet, oboe and (of course) the trusty recorder!
I play piano, flute, guitar, sax, and kind of a little bit of violin. Music has always been such a big part of my life.. esp as a kid.. always had lessons and stuff.. but since moving away from my mams, i never got a change to take my instruments. Now im settled i brought down my digital piano, and i have my flute here.. im so excited to start playing again.. I did music for gcse and AS too..
we should form a little group.. hehe..


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Play guitar, clarinet, viola, tenor recorder............i think thats it.
guitar (a few types), harp, piano, violin, cello :)

I will buy a harp one day so i can teach my babies in true welsh fashion!
trouble with growing up in a welsh school eh? lol
so you learnt at school.. i think thats fab.. our school didnt make anyone learn instruments.. except recorder.. but i think thats a given in most schools..
x x
I wish I was, but I got no musical talent..
In primary school music lessons were free until year 6.
Then i think it wa £90 a term for 1-2-1 lessons. So basically I learnt for free :)


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In primary school music lessons were free until year 6.
Then i think it wa £90 a term for 1-2-1 lessons. So basically I learnt for free :)
Lucky you:eek: All our primary kids have to pay for lessons. At senior school they pay over £100 per term per instrument.

Not much money down here for education. Wrong postcode. Poor on education and NHS. Wish the tax system worked the same and we only had to pay a percentage of tax too :D

Oh...and I give recorder lessons 15-30 in a group, and they pay. Keyboard/piano 4 in a group. No 1-2-1 :(
It was a while ago mind, lemme think - 14 years ago!

OH MY GOD, 14 YEARS AGO!!! How old do i feel!! It was £90 per instument about 7-9 years ago too.

Now i feel ancient :(
i paid for mine.. well.. my mam did.. she always supported me fully with my music.. not sure how much it cost though.. i dont think any music lessons are cheap like.. i was really lucky when it came to doing gcse music and AS because my classroom teacher was a concert pianist who got bored with doing nothing for a living so became a teacher.. he was absaloutly amazing..
I LOVE music!
Trained on classical piano and then became a piano teacher for many years. In the meantime gave up the classical training and joined a rockband - didn't have a clue how to busk or jam which cracked them up as I was playing arpeggios while they were rocking!lol
Taught myself guitar and now teach that too then trained as a community musician.
I travelled round Europe for a long time and earned my bed and food money by busking! That was an experience!lol
I've been working in schools for several years mostly doing african drumming, percussion and singing and am currently doing a post grad teaching diploma to qualify to teach older students (though I've been teaching them on an informal basis for many years too!)
Wouldn't it be cool if we could all have a musical meet one day. All these different instruments and talents - it would really be an experience and a chance to learn new stuff from each other!
Great to know there are so many creative people on here!


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I was quite lucky in my learning. My dad is a piper so he taught me.

My drumming was more just being curious. I had a bad knee injury and couldn't do much for a while, some band needed a drummer and one thing I could do was sit for long periods of time (still can). I have good rhythm and hand-eye coordination (so the ex says...baroom tish) so thought may as well give it a shot! I would never class myself as an excellent drummer but I am very more than capable!

I have also self-taught myself guitar and bass to varying degrees!
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I play the piano and guitar currently. I have a new Mandolin I need to learn to play. Years ago I played the Recorder but its been a long long time. I also played the violin when I was a child. There was a collective sigh of relief when I gave that up!!! lol :)

Piano is my real love, although I have been playing the guitar loads the last year or so and have bbeen writing my own music for the first time ever. I have written 3 peices, and feel quite chuffed at the accomplishment as I was trained to read music and always afraid of plaing by ear. :)


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I was trained to read music and always afraid of plaing by ear. :)
I'm the same. Was determined that my students were a little more musically 'rounded' so to speak.

So they get to do improvisation, jazz, rote, composition along with the theoretical work. It's great as they can play by ear, and sight read :clap:

My son plays jazz (improvising most of the time), but the next moment he's playing new age or classical. Mainly uses the notation to learn a piece, but learns it by heart very quickly, so then dispenses with it :clap: Wish I could do that.

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