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Music's Diary

I've now decided to join slimming world after fainting doing the cambridge diet. :cry: I started yesterday and everythings going well. My friend is on the plan so she has lent me her books to read its hard to understand everything but once I get used it I'll be ok. My friend has done so well. She's lost a stone and a half in 2 months. I've joined the gym so my goal is to go 3 to 4 times a week. I will write my menu for the day and and everyone feel free to comment. I'm going to my first meeting tomorrow evening. My goals are:

  • To get to 10st 7
    [*]To get under 10st
    [*]To get to 9st 7
    [*]To get to 9st and decide if I want to lose more
    [*]To fit into size 10s
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Mad as a Hatter
Welcome to the forum Music...

One thing I have noticed is that your diary is posted twice ????

You will soon get your head around the plan and it will become 2nd nature to you

Take care

Thanks Madferret. I've noticed that my diaries posted twice. How do I delete it? So I went to my meeting yesterday and I've gone up to 10.11 so that's 5lbs gained. It was a shock but I expected it. My goal is to be 9 stone something by my birthday, even if I'm 9.13 lol. So I have 7 weeks to lose 12 pounds. Fingers crossed. So that would mean I have to lose 2lbs per week. Fingers crossed. Today I haven't started off well as I woke up late and didn't get to have breakfast. I've had a slice of cous cous cake that my friend at work made. She's on the diet too. It was lovely.


Mad as a Hatter
Oh no - I hate it when you oversleep - puts me out for the rest of the day - not good...

With regards your diary I would send a pm to one of the moderators and ask them to delete the one with no posts in...

Hope that helps



Mad as a Hatter
Hi Music

How's your day going so far ? it's finally sunny here after the monsoons of rain yesterday, so I think it will be a nice walk with Puppy when I finish work

Hope you are having a good one

Speak soon

Hi Madferret. I'm doing good thanks. I've been so busy with work, etc. How have you been? I haven't been writing in my diary which is bad, lol. There's a lot happening at the moment. I have been eating but I need to go shopping so I can be more organised and plan what I'm eating.
I've had a very busy week. I've decided to not to go to the meetings and to do it alone. I didn't feel very welcome at my meeting so I'd rather use this site instead as I find evryone is friendly and everyone motivates each other. So I hope everyone motivates me and gives me the kick up the bum if I need it lol. I haven't had a chance to write in my diary. Let me write what I've eaten today and yesterday.


Veg Soup
Fish Finger Sandwich
3 small Plums
Low Fat Yoghurt
2ltrs Water


Veg Soup
1 Plum
Peach Low Fat Yoghurt
Cous Cous

Haven't worked out the syns haven't had time to look at the books. Currently started a Degree with the Open uni and works been busy trying to do overtime as I'm going away to America for Christmas and New Years. Going to see my best bud who moved over there a couple years ago and got married. I haven't seen her since the wedding which was 2 years ago and I want to look my best, lol. I might meet my knight in shining armour. I love an americian accent lol. My goal is to get into the 9s by the 21st Dec when I fly out to America. So that's 9 and a bit weeks to go. So if I aim for 2lbs per week that's 18lbs and that would get me down to 9st6. Fingers crossed I can do this. :)
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hello and welcome. yes that trip sure sounds like great motivation, and i have to ask what's a finger finger sandwich?? please dont let it be a typo cos its sounds great
Thanks guys and yes it was a typ I was supposed to put fish finger sandwich, lol. Sorry mommyb nothing exciting there, lol.
I don't feel like I've lost any weight. It's TOTM and I feel bloated and fat. I went shopping today and i just felt really fat, lol. There were all these skinny girls walking round and I was wishing I could be skinny and I will be lol. Today I've had:

Two slices of toast with butter
Veg Soup
Veg Cous Cous

Looking at my food list I don't think I've eaten enough today. Anyway off to watch X factor. :)
So I've weighed into today and I'm going away for a couple of days and I've gone down to 10.8 which is good as I was 11.1st on Monday. The veg soup payed off. I'm happy. Just hope I can keep this up because I tend to get bored and go back to my old ways. I am determined though.
Thanks Madferret. How you getting on? Thanks for always messaging me. I've had another busy week so far. Today I've had:

Prawn roll


Mad as a Hatter
Morning Music

Not doing too good but then again not too bad either - I am just doing my own thing at the moment - not following SW for a while..

I had 2 CD shakes yesterday but then OH wanted pizza and wine for supper so it would have rude not to....:eek:

Today I am going to try and do CD 100% as OH is out tonight so it will be an early night for me and the boys - lush !!!

Catch you later

Hi Madferret. I'm doing my own thing too. I was thinking of doing CD and having a meal in the evening. I don't know. I'll see how this week goes.


Mad as a Hatter
Had a 100% CD day yesterday - 3 shakes, loads of water and a very early night..

Woke up feeling tired this morning and very grouchy so it sounds as though the CD is kicking in nicely

Have a great day

Well done. I went to my cdc today and i'm starting on Monday. I'm having 2 shakes and a meal. Are you on the Cambridge forum?


Mad as a Hatter
kinda - I keep getting my diary moved about so I thought I might just see if I stick to it for a while first and then get the diary moved...

I'm more of a lurker on there at the moment..

Good on you for doing CD - have you done a VLCD before ?

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