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Must be doing something right!



gunna be a fatty for ever
hehehe dont do it! its a much nicer suprise when u see a big loss at end of your week!!

(says me... serisl weigher hahah)

was it your singing nigt last nite?....(sorry if i got the wrong person!!!)

Yeah I was, I sing for a living! In the pubs and clubs round my area have been for the past 17 years ( I really dont look that old either lol)


gunna be a fatty for ever
sounds fantasic!

i on the other hand make the children cry just bye singing happy birthday at partys haha

go you!!
lol im a serial weigher aswell! just cant resist getting on the scales everyday!!!
me too! lol.. i'm on at least 4 times a day :eek: :whistle:
its like an addiction!! sometimes ill do it before and after meals lol crazy!!!
sometimes i hop on before and after a wee... how obsessive :eek: LOL
lol we sound so alike!!
i'm so glad i'm not the only crazy serial weigher :eek: :rotflmao:
your definately not alone! i cant wait to get rid of this weight so i dont need to worry too much anymore!
i bet when we get to target though, we'll be hopping on and off all the time anyway, just to see the low number over and over again :rotflmao:
lol thats a very good point! think its gonna take me forever to get to target though lol
dont dot it i know it may be tempting but dont :p x
Ok so I went to my mates in the end and stepped on her Wii I have lost another lb so that is 3lb in 5 days not bad going, our diet club gets weighed on a Thursday so I think I am gonna go for 3lb in a week so I only have another 2lb to go!
woohoo! well done you!!! :D x


gunna be a fatty for ever
i hop on b4 and after a work out at gym!... hehe psyico hahah
Sling the scales out the window!!!

Ok, id be the same but my scales tell me to get off (overload)

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