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Extra Easy Must haves!!

eggs - filling, tasty, quick to cook and can have any time of day
fruit - as much as my baskets can carry
veg - see above :D
syn free yoghurts - great for brekky and a good filler upper for when you NEED something :)
low syn chocolate for me normally kit kats or curly wurlys - we all need a treat ;)


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Mullers, Alpen bars, cod in butter sauce (1.5 syns each), Skimmed milk, chicken, lots and lots of chicken lol. Obviously tons of fruit and veg too but the top 5 are my essentials :)
light alpen bars, chicken, extra lean mince, Berries, babycorn
my top 5 are;
extra lean mince
cottage cheese
mug shots
low fat super noodles


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Mine are:
7 up light,
chicken- in any shape or form
fresh fruit
Crikey, how healthy do I sound?? Nobody asked what else I bought..Only the top 5.. Hmmm!!
1) Salad & veggies/baby veggies (Multiple packs of: snap peas, baby corn, baby toms, millions of carrots, 3 lettuce, 3 cucumber, 4 pepper, radishes)
2) Hummus ingredients (chickpeas x 4, lemon x 4, garlic x 4, jalapenos x 3, salad)
3) Veg substitutes - Quorn slices/pieces/veg sausages
4) Chicken
5) Yoghurt (Muller light/Total 2%)

Also Kara milk, Marmite cheese, feta and spices are at the top.


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Not sure I can reduce it down to 5 items, but I can do 5 categories:

(1) Muller Lights, FF natural yogurt, FF fromage frais
(2) Eggs
(3) Cooked meat (ham, roast turkey, roast beef, pastrami, etc)
(4) Drinks - diet coke for OH, sparkling water, NAS squash, wine
(5) Tinned tomatoes and baked beans

And tons and tons of fruit, veg and salad stuff!

For meat then I don't buy it every week - I get extra lean mince when it's on offer in Tesco and buy lots of it to freeze. Sausages I get in Morrisions and buy a few packs at a time again to freeze. Chicken, bacon and frozen fish I tend to buy in bulk at Makro and end up doing a big shop there every couple of months-ish.

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