must i have 3rd pack

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  1. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    hi all, had my lunch/soup really late today and have not had tea yet, a shake, must i have it. (only beginning 2nd week) i dont feel hungry and to be honest cant stomach the thought of one right now. i was just going to go to bed. or should i force it down, thanks xxx
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  3. broxi

    broxi ButtErFly

    Hi Claira, yes you need to take it as without it your body is not getting enough vitamins and minerals. Also there is something about weightloss and metabolism if you don't take it - but I don't know what, but I think it slows wl. Have you tried the porridge. I love it. You are lucky you're not hungry. I'm always starving. BTW join our group - look at the 2week thread
  4. louisajane222

    louisajane222 Full Member

    hi hun, well done you for doing so well so far!
    I know what you mean about that 3rd pack.. during the week with my little boy at school and a baby to look after and work I never stop so normally have my first shake about 12 and then I have two left for the evening.. occasionally I havent been able to stomach the last one.. but I suppose it shows that i'm not hungry which is great!
    However please please try and have that last shake as your body can go into starvation mode which also means its not getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly which could be very very dangerous..
    How about having a hot shake or even half say of hot choc maybe so it just seems like a little drink rather than a big huge shake?
    Hope that helps x
  5. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    ok, just thought id check, will have a cappuchino quickly. thanks knew i probably should, just needed telling. xxxx
  6. broxi

    broxi ButtErFly

    How are you doing Claira? I'm always starving. I count the minutes till my next meal/shake!
  7. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

    Best thing to do really claira :)

    Enjoy the cappucino :D
  8. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    sipping slowly, struggling though. yesterday i was ravenous (ooh thats a big word for me lol) today not bothered at all, didnt even want my lunch, cooked tea fed my little boy, made packed lunches for day trip tomorrow. no stop in me... eventually had lunch about 7pm, im sure tomorrow i will starving, going for a long walk at my local wetlands and feed the ducks... hope i dont eat their bread, my little boy usually does that he he xxx
    hope everyone is doing ok tonight xx
  9. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    still drinking but hurting my tummy x

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