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must.. not.. weigh.. myself !!!!!

I'm coming to the end of week one on 790 and DESPERATE to know if I have lost any weight.

I have been having 2-3 packs plus a small meal in the early evening, most of the foods have been on the "allowed" list but some are very healthy but not strictly on the list (eg peppers, strawberries, apple..). This has not effected my ketosis as I have been in ketosis since very early in the week. The other reason I know it hasn't effected ketosis is that I am not getting any cravings and am not in the slightest bit hungry - GREAT!! (oh.. and I have ketosis mouth hahahahaha!!)

But I can't wait to weigh myself.. am wondering if and how much I might have lost.. am expecting about 3 lbs :)
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I was like this by Day 5 of my first week on CD SS - but I refused to get weighed until Day 7.

I measured myself on Day 5 and got a shock how much less I measured.

The thrill will be greater by waiting until Day 7, you know!
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I'm afraid I'm a weigh every day kinda girl and respect to anyone that manages to stay off the scales between WIs. Your patience will be rewarded Sarah, good luck!

I weighed every day / twice a day while losing my weight, and now 18 months on I still weigh every morning when I get up, I am a great believer in it helps you maintain and you always know when you are rising a couple of pounds and can quickly just cut a few treats to bring it back down. It is when you go a month or two without weighing that a stone or two can creep back on.

In terms of when you are on the diet then some people find weighing all the time keeps them focused whereas others find it demotivating if they don't drop weight every day so whatever works best for you.

The reality is that as long as you stick to the diet you must lose weight and that knowledge got me through the day!

I'm a weigh-every-day girl as well, Sarah, so admire your discipline in staying away from the scales for a week! As other people have said, I think everyone's different in this sense: for some people it helps motivation and keeps you on track day to day; for others it doesn't. If you know not weighing works for you, just hang on in there and enjoy the surprise at the end of the week! You know what works best for you!

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