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Must of been hard


Strong women stay slim
That sure was a tester for you , sitting there while they eat pizza , I know what you mean i did the same i took time out from cd then took months to get back into it but now on 3 skakes of slim fast till pennies get better , on day 14 and postive . Well done you ! you have come to far to let go now girl
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are you allowed to ss on slim fast? As I was going to do that but got told it was unhealthy. How are you doing on that? how do you feel? is that how you lost 16lbs? I am so desperate to loose weight but can't afford the cd shakes at the moment.


Strong women stay slim
Well doing slim fast just 3 shakes at the end of the day its all up to ourselfs as its our body and the moment if feel unwell i will then think ok time to sort something else but my plan was to do slim fast for 4 week then add a meal chicken veg like cd then go back to 3 shakes till i also sort out the money cos its very tight now . I don't feel hungry anymore that stopped say 4 or 5 days ago . just got to know what you want todo . Hope thats helped you , i did do some reading on slim fast ... that this woman done only 3 shakes and lost 2 and half stone in 2 months she felt fine .. but its all up to ourselfs . Good luck with that , yes i was on cd it was good and i lost weight but i was not as strong as i am now as by i started to eat on cd as i was not strong enough but feel very strong now . I lost some on cd and some on slim fast . All VLCD are unhealthy
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HI missleo

me and my mate are both doing cd at the moment, we were talking about slimfast last night, and how much it cost for cd, i only like the choc tetra's so thats is costing £52 Whoppers a week. You are doing really well and you are right it is up to all of us. i wonder how they know how much vit/minerals each person requires as we are all different, but for me i feel it has given a good platform to continue either with cd or slimfast.


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I certainly wouldn't agree that all vlcds are unhealthy. CD/LL/LT have been formulated to provide the body with 100% rda of all the vitamins, nutrients, etc that it needs, so are actually often a healthier way to 'eat' than most of us ate before the diet! Slimfast however is designed to be used as a supplement to healthy eating, as it doesn't provide the body with everything it needs. If it were a complete meal replacement vlcd then it wouldn't be allowed to be sold in shops. Naturally it's your choice however, as long as you're well informed of the risks that following a vlcd that isn't nutritionally complete can bring.

Also, Slimfast isn't low-carb, so I imagine you're very hungry!

Jot: I assume you're on 4 tetras a day if it's costing you that much?

Jo x


Strong women stay slim
I think CD long term ... but thats me someone on here was looking into slim fast and cd she said slim fast is more in cals yes i know slim fast is 223 and CD is 137 something like that so really you might loss more with CD ? but 52 is alot if its 3 shakes aday is it 3 aday ? should be really 36 for a week on 3 shakes of cd . Hope you make the right choice for yourself ! You asked me did i get hungry not anymore no not for say 4 days or so


Strong women stay slim
ok mine would charge 4 per day mixed 48


Strong women stay slim
no i'm not hungry my stomach has got used to it . any low cal diet is not good long term , as by hair loss which alot of people get its only good for so long thats way alot of doctor really don't like you doing them first it effects the hair then the nails and then the skin . As for slim fast its only been 2 weeks and its going to be short term as i've said until i get more money :)


Strong women stay slim
hi splash , i really would not no cos i didn't buy any .

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