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You could try distracting yourself with a good book or a bath. That's what I used to do. Or browse online at clothes.
I find the cravings don't last too long generally and look how well you've done so far!


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Don't so it. You don't want whatever it is you're craving. Imagine it covered in mould and maggots - you don't want it now do you?

You're doing really well, don't give in, you'll feel much better for it :)
You and me both!! I've gone to the fridge about 10 times in the past hour to get another CD bar only to put it back again :D

I've already blipped today so really need to knuckle down as holiday is only a couple of days away and I don't want to start it on a downer.

Stay strong! I'm sipping some orange flavoured water in the hope it will take the edge off...



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it must be in the air i could eat my own arm tonight lol the maggot thing helped


Shut up Ethel
Mould and maggots. Yum. Not.

I've got some 'veg drink' (aka Marigold!) - maybe that will help?

Never had munchies this bad in a month of CD! My friend caught me in Boots this evening looking at the crisps. I'm sooooo glad she did...


Winning a losing battle!
There must be something in the air tonight, I'm exactly the same and have come up to bed to get as far away from the kitchen as I can!

Try cleaning your teeth to see if that helps.
oh yes that used to work for me on other diets not tried it on this one good call