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Mw appointment and weekend plans


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Well just wondering how your all feeling? How's all your mw apps going and generally feeling?

I had a mw appointment yesterday and everything is fine, I'm only measuring a few days bigger than I should, so have caught up gain, or slowed down! Baby weights around the 3 1/2 to 4lb mark, she estimated whist feeling my tum, and she thinks I'll have around an 8lb baby, which I guessed this time, as dd was 7lb 10.

My GTT came back negative and the consultant is sending off for my previous birth notes, to check the scar type I have, as my interpretation of my labour is rather foggy to say the least! so hopefully my vbac plans will be full steam ahead.

I'm going to buy some rlt capsules at 32 weeks and see if that helps me have a shorter birth experience this time around!
And also a birthing ball.

We'r off to the royal air tattoo this weekend, just hope it doesn't bucket down! I can cope with this howling wind, but not out and about in the rain!

Oh and I weighted 15st 1lb a few days ago and this morning I weighted 14st 13lbs, so happy with that.

Have a good weekend everyone xxx
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Glad to hear things are going well and the GTT was negative. The Royal Air Tattoo, is that down south, near Oxfordshire way? Just saw someone I know down there is off there too. The wind has been mad up here, last night was extreme gales, didn't get to sleep until gone 2am :( So glad it's the weekend just round the corner!

I saw my MW last friday, all was good then, heard the baby's heartbeat which was amazing. Just gone back into the 'limbo' stage again, not really feeling any flutters although on occasion this week I have felt almost like a pit in my stomach/insides, just a drop feeling, about 3/5 nights. Could be anything though I guess. Just waiting for the first real kick, so is DH!

We've got one more week to wait on hearing bad news on the quadruple blood test for downs etc. Was told if we don't hear anything after 2 weeks then I should be low risk. I know it's not extremely accurate but I think once the next week is over and then 2 weeks tuesday I get my anomoly scan, I think I'll start to breathe a bit more easier providing all seems okay.

Off to Liverpool this evening for Liverpool on the Waterfront, some street performers and then they light the buildings up in one of the docks and this year has some sort of Picasso imagery/style shined on them. Just hope I can stay awake as it's on from 9.45-10.15pm! Think an afternoon nap will be required!

Have a good weekend everyone :)


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Glad your GTT test was neg, I have got mine in Aug, don't mind the test but its the waiting for 2 hrs in the hosp thats bugging me, BUT I should really look on it as 2 hrs peace as the children will be driving me mad by then LOL (summer hols).
I should have my MW appt on tues but my eldest DS is having an operation on his feet on tues so I had to rearrange it for a week tues. Really want to see her as the MW at the hosp gave me my notes after my 20 wk scan and when I was reading them on the way home it stated that despite me being referred to the Consultant due to my SPD( was induced early last 2 pregnancies) the consultant has referred me back to Midwife care as I hadn't complained this time :mad: I explained to my MW that I have never fully recovered after my last birth and that it was getting worse so a serious word will be needed when I see her a week tues. To be honest I have only seen my midwife once and that was at my booking in, the last time she was on hols and this will be my 3rd appt. I have only had my BP tested twice and my wee once :rolleyes: Anyway thats enough of me, Sarah that 'heavy' feeling you are experiencing is the baby moving very soon you will feel and se the kicks and somersaults, not to mention the dreaded hiccups, my OH still thinks I am making it up when I tell him babes has hiccups and this is our 5th lol. Take care all, Jo


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S: 16st9lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 2st1lb(12.45%)
Ah thanks for clarifying that Jo. I wasn't sure and it's been hard to explain to people!

I've spent all morning with my ears blocked, and am starting to feel like there's a cold just around the corner :( great start to the weekend! Honey & Lemon drinks, steam inhalations and TLC is on the menu!

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Hi there

I've got that GTT test on the 26th July I don't like it much either. I had my midwife appointment last week and had protein in my wee which she sent off for tests.

I'm starting my maternity leave next week as my contract at work ends so thought might as well just try take it easy.

My tummy is really really painful but think its just down to the stretching etc. My groin/hip pain (which I thought was spd) has completely gone after 5 visits to the chiropractor turned out it was unaligned pelvis.

This weekend I'm not doing anything as H works Sat and he starts working nights on Sunday night.

Oh I'm starting to get bigger love handles lol on my hips which I'm not happy about. I need to watch the next few weeks to make sure I don't put on loads of weight.


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Morning ladeez! I'm 33+5 now and all going well. Measuring the right size, all tests back clear. I'm looking at a big bubba though and as i had complications during my last c-section (bubs was breach) i'm still waiting to find out whether they'll let me try a natural labour or not.
I'm actually unsure what to opt for if they leave it up to me. I had a hole torn in my uterus when they were removing the placenta last time, so there's a higher risk of uterine rupture during labour this time round. (plus baby is probably going to be about 9 and a half, ten pounds so a big one!) I hate the thought of having another section and would love a natural birth this time - well as natural as it can get because i'd still have to have an epidural administered early on just in case i need an emergency section, but just don't know what to do for the best. Don't want to put bubba or myself in danger but REALLY don't want to have to have surgery unless absolutely necessary. But then if i opt for natural and things don't go well i could end up having an emergency c-section which is more risky than an elective. What would you guys do??? (sorry for the ramble - hope that makes sense! lol)


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S: 14st4lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 2st9lb(18.5%)
Mummytummy is having the same dilemma at the moment , perhaps you could pm her ;) Just normal births here so I have no advice but whatever happes I hope your birth experience is a positive one for you :)


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Hiya all,

Had a good day in fairford, couldn't fault the air displays, they were going all day. But all that walking! My god did I pay for it yesterday, I could hardly move! I would have happily given my pelvis away!!!

Good to hear that all is going generally well with your selfs, funny though how most of our grips are with the medical profession!

Hiya rayven, I had a section last time, and am currently waiting for my dr to get previous notes just to go over them, but they see no problem for me vbac, which is my first choice. So for me I'm going to do everything I can to give it my best.
I know it's an extremely hard decision to make!

After reading what you have wrote, I'm not sure if I would vbac in your situation (this is only my opinion, if i were in your shoes, and whatever your choice you will get support here from everyone!).
I had a epi with my dd and am certainly going to avoid it for my vbac, IMO it caused my dd to have heart declarations and as soon as dr's see this I think in a vbac they would whip you off for a section quicker than you or me could blink!
Also IMO because your expecting a larger baby You will not be able to move into the best possible birthing position for a big baby and because of lack of movement may have a slower labour in which case the whole vbac trile of labour will get you. (these are only possibles of course, but this is how I think only). Also if you have an epidural you may not feel any untoward pain,if your uterus starts to rupture. I'm vbacing and no one has told me I have to have an epidural just in case. I am however concerned that something will go wrong and I will have to have GA because of lack of time. This is the toss up I guess.
I told myself that if they believe my baby was going to be 9lbs plus I was going to have a section. That's also why they are getting my notes because when my dd was born at 7lb 10 the dr said she was too broad and I would have never got her out by myself, i'm only just 5 ft, so the decision still might be taken out of my hands yet, and it may be safer for a section again, if so, i will accept it because my recovery was speedy after my emergency section.
I have done so much research into vbac, read birth stories, watched videos, read statistics, read do's and don't and what if's!
If i could give anyone a tip for birth, especially vbac is to avoid at all costs an epidural, once one intervention starts, it leads the way for a lot more, but I totally understand i the trows of contractions how the word epidural sounds like an angel singing!

I waffled there a bit, and I hope I didn't come across as pushy or like I'm telling what you should and shouldn't do, I just give my honest thoughts and views of how I would do it. But there is a lo out there to read on the subject, If I had a hole in uterus I believe I wouldn't risk a vbac, but that's me. Have a look at statistics for it.


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S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
thanks mummytummy. I would desperately love to have a normal birth as i felt totally robbed not being able to have one with Oliver, but i've just been thinking with my history there could be too many risks involved in trying for a natural labour. *cries* Its definately going to be a big baby, plus i've been suffering with spd for the last couple of months and have been told that it can make labour harder & longer which could contribute to further complications........*sigh*
I don't get to see the consultant for a couple of weeks but i don't think they'll give me too much of an option if i'm honest - think thats just wishful thinking. My midwife has never held out much hope for a normal birth and everytime i ask her about it she just pulls a face and say wait to see the consultant - which is all very well but baring in mind i'm 34 weeks tomorrow, i would like to be able to start preparing for the birth either way. If i have a section i'm likely to be in hospital for 3 days - even though i was out 24 hours after the last one - and with other children to care for i need to be able to sort out someone to look after them while hubby is with me. I am so NOT having a c-section on my own! I hate the thought of surgery, but will do whatever is safest for bubs. My worst fear is trying for a vaginal birth and losing bubs due to rupture......i couldn't live with that. x


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 16st5.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.38%)
I think if you really want to try then you should, I have to, even if it ends the same the not knowing will annoy me!

I have the hypnobirthing book, which you can get from ebay and amazon around 16 pounds and is worth a try to keep you relaxed and focused and for you to release the fear of something going wrong. I know this sounds bad but I have a daughter I have to be hear for, and of course I don't want anything to happen to my baby, but I was feeling like I can't risk my life as I already have a child and I can't die! That's the thought that was running through my head, and I almost wished someone would take the decision out of my hands.

I am also going to start perineum (SP) massage in about a weeks time and rlt capsules, as I want strong regular contractions, because if i don't dilate enough or it stops like last time i'll have a section anyway because I am blank refusing any induction method except the sweep, which i have booked in at 39 weeks.

I have read that spd allows the pelvis to move more easily during birth because it is already loose and relaxed? And can make birth easier and quicker? I guess it depends what you read and where! lol

Also you can have a really good planned section. I have written out a birth plan for both vbac and section, and if i do have a section, I am dame sure going to get what i want!!! I want the curtain lowered so i can see baby being delivered, i want pictures taken, i want her given straight to me (unless something is wrong of course) blood and all! and a blanket put over both of us. I want her with me for at least 45 mins, even when they close me back up. I want husband to cut the cord.
All the same things really as a vbac but just out of my tum instead. If I have a section I am so leaving after one night also! was in for two after dd1 and that was the worst thing about it! My daughter didn't stop crying and had heat rash it was so bloody hot!!!

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