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My 14 pound in a Month challenge....

Back in Feb i decided to lose the weight i had put on (5-st 7-lb) over 2.5 years since i gave up smoking....

I Managed to lose just under 4-st in 15 weeks, but sadly i have put 1-stone of that back on (and lost a load of deffinition) since mid May...... So now to lose that stone fairly quickly, so that i can feel inspired again and go for the final, Stone and a half of my origional goal more long term.

So, i'm currently 15-st 3-lb (35y/o Male) and hopefully at the end of the month can my weight to start with a 14!!! :)

My plan of action.....

2x Body Pump Classes a week
1x Body Attack Class a week
1x Body Combat Class a week
1 good swimm a week
Try and cycle to and from work when the weather looks good

Take a course of Apidexin

And a 20 point sub 200cal a day diet

Do you guys think that i have enough excersise to acheive this goal (bearing in mind i am fairly desk bound during the day)??
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Hi being a guy you'll lose it I lost 11.5lbs in my first 4 weeks with no exercise, if your starting afresh you should get bigger losses.
Remember to eat protien as it doesn't turn into fat so much and eat lots of fresh veg, exercise I do loads 4-5 zumba classes a week and a gym session snd walk loads and I'm losing after 7 months ((fingers crossed I feel as the exercise helps.
Most portant enjoy your plan and you'll crack your goal :)
Thanks everyone, glad that the excersise sounds like enough..... when i lost the the 4 stone earlier in the year i was doing exactly what i plan to do now, only i relaxed the diet on weekends BUT i was doing 2 1 hour gym sessions a day and swimming everyday too, but i just dont have the time (or the inclination) now i have a little one to go home to.....

20 points is correct ( i am aware that i can have upto 30, and the debate on if its detrimental not using all your points) but my diet consists of the following (and i am not left feeling hungry)

Tesco ultra slim meal replacement shake.
1x small Banana.

Mid Morning:
Tesco light choices raisin and apple bar.

2x slices of Weight watcher danish bread.
1x small W/W Tuna in dressing tin.
Packet of Tesco light choices pretzels.

Afternoon break:
Sachet of batchelors Slim a soup.

Weight watcher microwave meal.
1x portion of Tesco wild rice with veg.
1x Mixed steamed veg.
1x Weight watchers yogurt.

2x Rich tea biscuits.

I suppliment my diet with Complete Multi vitamin and mineral tablet, Apidexin and water ballance tablets and drink 1-2 litres of water.
Its not a case of you can have 'up to' 30 points. You SHOULD be having 30 points. WW have spent millions in working out a healthy balanced weight loss plan and for your weight and lifestyle you should be having 30 points a day to lose weight. Its not a case of just pick a number and have those points. Im sorry but at the risk of sounding rude why say youre following a plan like WW when clearly youre not. If youre having so little a day then youre totally disregarding the WW plan so why bother counting points at all :confused:

With the exercise youre doing too youre SERIOUSLY seriously under eating. Its not a debate - thats a fact. Youre starving yourself.

By all means eat a lot less, cut back, eat healthily, but dont say youre following WW when by no stretch of the imagination is that what youre doing.

Why not actually just trust the plan and do it properly. Youre un necessarily depriving yourself and probably having an adverse effect on your weight loss. You run a real risk of losing nothing at all
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here here starlight!! WW is a plan that allows you to still eat-but make better choices. what you are doing is called starvation (under eating to such an extent is starvation, even if food passes your lips) i think your goals are un realistic, and although you may be able to achieve this i can almost guarantee that you will gain that weight and more in time. once you fall of the diet and start eating normally your body will pile on those pounds (its already happened when you follwed this same plan before, and fell off the wagon-as you have already admitted)

i suggest you have a re-read through your post, and think seriously about what your doing. maybe you should be posting on the low calorie diet section on the site if you cant see that this is wrong-i dont think freely admitting you're under eating on purpose on the WW board is healthy, or encouraging to others here. its not healthy, and that is not what WW is about-i wouldnt want people reading this and thinking they should do the same-because they shouldnt! WW is about loosing weight in a realistic way-and is not a short term solution, but a long term one, i think its important to remember that
oh and i want to add that WW say that they expect 1-2lb a week weight loss on their plan, if you stick to points etc. for some this happens, for others they might find that they have quite big losses-everyone is different. but my goodness please dont aim for 14lb in a month-realisticly your should be aiming for 4-8lb, then anything more than that is a bonus! under eating is dangerous, and to clearly broadcast it on a public diet forum, ina section that promotes healthy eating and balance, is extreemly irresponsible, alot of people on here are insecure about their size, and want to do something healthy to make a change, they do not need to see people like you purposly under eating, and bragging about 'great success last time you did it' and feel encouraged by your goal and plan and copy it.
I'd just say do the exercise and have 30 points, if you want fast losses safely do a vlcd as it's got all the bit and mins etc in it.
I can see what they are saying but I can also see what you'd lime to achieve, slow is better it teaches us to change our life, not regain as we are straving and yoyo.

Good luck with your losses x
That's a good point Cherry.

Richard a stone a month isn't realistic on WW even if you're doing it properly and even less likely if you're not.

If that's the result you're looking for then a VLCD might be worth checking out.
I'm inclined to agree. WW advise that the maximum amount of points you should save in any one day is 4, for you to only be using 20 points a day doesn't really adhere to the healthy guidelines set out by WW.
If you're seriously under eating whilst doing that much exercise, at some point you're more than likely gonna stop burning fat and start to lose muscle tissue.

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