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My 1st day to a slimmer me journey!!

Hi all. Well after doing SW and WW and never been able to stick to it!! I find the temptation of food is just too much.
Im tired of the weight I am. Im currently 22st 12lbs and have yo-yo dieted for about 3 years with only a loss of 6lbs since then...which is a joke.
My boyfriend has booked a holiday to New York with a group of friends in July(Im not meant to know..but hes going to propose)!!! but before that I will be going to LA on the 14th of Jan and I do not want to worry about fitting into seat on the flight, judging chairs when going out, buying clothes that fit not that I like. The list is endless but the biggest reason I want to do this, is because I want my life back! I hate getting the bus, train etc because I feel so insecure about people looking at me. I dont go out to clubs or bars with my girlfriends because I feel like the ugly one and again people will stare! I cling on to my boyfriend for everything...we've been together for 6 years and hes supported me with everything I do but I feel like a burden on him. I only feel confident(ish) if Im out with him as I feel that if people see me with a man, I cant be that bad. Its pathetic and it stops today!!! Im starting CD tomorrow and Im looking forward to going back to dorothy perkins etc and buying clothes I like! Im currently a size 28 and hope I can get to a size 22 by the 14th of Jan....is that realistic???
Sorry for the rant but Im sure alot of you know exactly how I feel and I will need this website to keep me sane and motivated!
All the stories that you have spent time on writing on here has encouraged people like me....that it is possible and I can do it!
Hugs Manjit xxx
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HI Manjit - Welcome. Good luck on your start.

Keep coming back to this site as it has really helped me. There is so much good advice and motivation on here.

Good luck hun... you can do it.
Welcome and best of luck to you! You can totally do this, oh me imagine the excitment of losing the weight to look fab for your engagement! By Jan you could be 3/4 stones down! Go for it girl!
Thank you so much Pretika and pineapple. Im looking online for a new wardrobe already as I only have a few clothes because of my size..so Im going to get a bigger wardrobe for mu boyfriend and I and start to buy a few bits and pieces so I have something to look forward too.
Quick question...how are WE going to cope over xmas? Will you have a xmas dinner? I know its alittle early to ask but Im cooking eeekkkkk
Good on ya, its great you have an incentive.

I will be off this within a month - all going well, I'm just trying to get off the weight I put on since my wedding. I'll not be doing it over xmas, so thankfully I dont need to think about that. I know I wouldnt be able to do that. This diet is to help you start living again not a prison sentance. I'd talk to your Cambridge rep and see what they suggest. You might be able to add a meal or something that week.


Trying to stay healthy!
hi Indian princess, good luck with starting cd tomorrow, the 1st 3 days can be hard but be strong and you'll get through it, drink loads of water and distract yourself by visiting the site as much as possible, it's great for lots of support and advice!!
As for Xmas i'm sure you'll know how to cope when you get closer to the time, its ages away yet and by then hopefully you will be so happy with your losses that you may not want to break the diet.
have a great 1st week!

welcome to the wonderful world of CD, its the best thing that has happened to me enjoy the weight loss, you should easily get to your first goal if you stick at it x
Thank you so much for the support gals, it really means alot!! Im soooo looking forward to starting tomorrow!!!
Also just ordered a dress in a size 14(my goodness)!! from asos.com called Prophecy Gathered Bust Embellished Strap Dress(you have to have a peek, its gorgous).....pwwhhh thats a mouthful and I hope I can wear it when I get to NY in July!!


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Hi Indian Princess
How tall are you? you could get 3 or four stone off by Jan I would say, and if it helps, when I was just under 18 stone I was a size 20-22 and I am only 5ft 1 so that will make a huge difference to you! Good luck - I have been overweight all my life and this is the only thing that has ever done it for me. I am only 20lb away from a healthy weight now and getting there! Never, ever thought this would happen. I will keep an eye out for your posts and see how you are getting on, sending you positive thoughts!
Thank you Kikuka.You've done so well hun congratulations and well done. I cannot wait to be in your shoes x
Im 5ft 10 hun. You know I cannot remember what size i was when was 18/19 stone as it must have been about 5 years ago!!!! I'd be more than happy to get into a size 24 coat by Jan let alone a size 20 one.
hi - i started 2 weeks ago and have lost a stone. please start this as it has given my life back. I only want to lose another stone or two but the difference in me is amazing. also, you will not be hungry on this diet and that is why it is easy to do. good luck and stay in touch!
im 5'11 and at 19 nearly 20 stone i was a size 22 so you should not be too different im 19 now and can fit in some size 20 bottoms. top is another story lol. i can just about squeeze my boobs into a 24/26 which then is too big for my tummy so no such thing as a top that fits.
Thanks you so much again gals for welcoming me!
Beverley unfortn, I just about, have a handful uptop LOL although I have a big tummy too :( as long as I can fit comfortably in a plane seat, I will be soooo happy. I went to Cuba in June for 2 weeks and I was wedged into my seat and spent 1 day next to the pool . I felt so ashamed and self cons! I cant wait to be in size 20 bottoms againxx
Hey there Manjit,

You will not regret starting this, i just had my first weigh in today and i lost 9lb's and i can actually feel that i have lost weight.

I am going to New York in January so i want most of my weight off by then.
I have no doubt in my mind you will be down a good amount come January.

Best of luck to you xx
Well done Claire thats amazing! OOhhhh Im so scared and nervous at the same time. So we both have goals for Jan..will keep you posted hun.
Heres to 3 stone off by Jan wahhoooo
Well the day has come!!! I never ever get up at this time of day but Im so excited I cannot sleep plus Im going to see the CLC at 10am to get all my bits and pieces. I dreamt last night about wearing the dress Ive ordered in a size 14 and I was so sexy in it LOL! But for some reason I was wearing it to work (im a train driver) hehe so not sure what that was about hehehe.
Im sipping on water as we speak so here to a new me starting today! xxManjitxx
Best of luck today. Thats great that your so excited, just hold onto that feeling to get you through your first few days. Am on day 3 today, feeling fine and counting down the days til weigh in on Sat!

Good luck.x

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