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my 1st ramadhan on SS!

Hi everyone..i fell off track with the ramadan challenge and i wanted to lose 30pounds :p

Anyways yesterday was the 1st day of ramadan and surprisingly i managed to SS after a long time.

I had my first shake during sahur in the morning and gulp abt 900ml water and managed to make it through a working day and at night i had class.

So before class i broke my iftar with another shake at 715pm and during class gulp down 1 litre of water (with 2 trips to the loo of coz)

And i went home and i had my last shake at 10pm and gulp down another 1.5l of water..i made abt 4 trips to the loo before i went to sleep at 1230pm.

so i just wanted to tell all muslims who plan to SS during ramadhan that it is possible!!

i think it is even easier to SS during ramadhan because you are not supposed to eat or drink anything which is pretty much the same rule of SS. the only difference is u can't drink water but ive proven that it is achievable..only had a bit headache around 3-4pm but it was manageable once i broke my fast, my headache was gone.

i hope to stick to it and im sure i'll manage to lose 30 pounds by end of Ramadhan on 10 september.

The only problem would be if im invited to break my iftar at a relative house..i really dont look forward to explaining why i'm having a shake in front of relatives..would welcome suggestions of coz :) i already tot i could lie to them i'm having a shake now but i'll have a huge meal when i get back home hahahaa.:D
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Grimskunk... Really happy to know it works. I am on a similar stunt. I restarted my CD yesterday. I have water and shake at Sahr and will have a shake and water for fatur and have shake and water after taraweeh.... I want to lose around 25lb this month. I don't know how adventerous I am being, but that's my aim.
hi girls, im doing ss plus during ramadhan, i need some food, i work long shifts.

yeah you could say you have a shake first cause ur tummy gets sore if you eat straight away.
2nd day complete now on to 3rd day

Hi ladies,

Managed to make it through 2nd day as i did the 1st day :p im thinking this is easier than normal SS days ;)

anyways feeling better now than i did first two days.

hopefully during the weekend i won't cheat if i break my iftar outside home.

hope everyone is doing well too.

i dont have tea these past 2 days i used to have tea w/condensed milk :eek: couldnt have it any other way but have stopped since ramadan.
hi girls how are yous getting on with ramadhan....
hi all,

today is day 6 here in singapore and i havent cheated except on saturday when the whole family went out for iftar.
even then i didnt really ate that much couldnt stomach so much food. i was very thirsty only..:D

very proud of myself..because on normal doing SS Is pretty much a burden.

in these 6 days i have lost 3kg! :cool:

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