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My 2 week success express (attempt)

Ok guys,

I have taken up the gauntlet laid down by chuffy.... I am attemmpting SE for 2 weeks starting today. I WI on a Wednesday so have 2, pre holiday on Thursday the 16th of July.... see if I can boost my weightloss or at least maintain the momentum.....

Please comment as I am very new to SW and have never attempted SE before. Oh and as a rule I save my syns for drink when I go out...

I also need help knowing what is Superfree so please let me know



Day 1 ( I will add to these as I eat more)

Breakfast. Slice of Galia Melon, white grapes & a nectarine

Snack 1 Scanbran with 1 EL LC cheese traingle (aiming to have another 4 later for supper as part of the scanbran challenge) Never managed them oops

Lunch HM French Onion soup (onions, beef stock & herbs)

Dinner Salmon fillet marinated in fresh ginger, chilli & Lime with a salad of Fennel, Pepper, & orange

Is this SE??

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Day 2

Breakfast. 1 Grapefruit & 1 kiwi fruit

Lunch. HM French Onion Soup (as yesterday) 3 Scanbran with EL LC triangles

Dinner. Mixed Leaves & Tomato with lime juice & Barbecue Chicken (pack of)

aim to have another 2 Scanbran with LC triangles later on (HEA & HEB)

still unsure of superfree, hope this is ok

As long as you're having two-thirds of superfree foods (so that's your fruit and veg basically) to one-third of your red or green food, or healthy extras, then it's superfree. All depends on your proportions hun.

As ordinary red days, your food looks ok to me :D If anything, perhaps not enough???!
Thanks... I am trying to make sure it is 2/3 of plate as salad... might be a problem tomorrow as making the vindaloo from the book.... might have a large salad with it.

Day 3

Breakfast - 3 quorn Sausages & 2 Grilled tomatoes (Hope this is SE as all superfree? don't see point in adding red or green if I feel that this is sufficient???)

Lunch- Had the grilled? (well said it was) 8oz Rump Steak with Grilled tomato & salad (instead of chips... also hold the dressing & onion rings) Came with peas too.... Was 1/2 plate salad, 1/2 steak & peas.... could have left the peas, but thought hey it's a veg....

Dinner. SW Chicken Vindaloo... 1 spoonful... wasn't hungry

Syns on drink... 40 (oops, but had a lovely time and still have 100 left for the week)

HEA & HEB, will be Scanbran & LC cheese 4... building my way upto the recommended 5 per day
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Bring it on!
I'm having the same problem with the red/green additions. most of the time the superfree with HEx's seems to be enough! Do you think it will be a problem?
Not Sure... looking at what I am eating now and what I have been eating it is just the same... minus picking at a pack of meat/chicken throughout the day if peckish/bored/because it was there.... I don't miss it as now I use Scanbran & LC as my HEA/HEB this lasts throughout the day (only managed 3 at max). I can have my HEs throughout the day, can't I?

So all in all, not noticing a great difference, apart from trying to eat more SF foods.

Hopefully we will see a difference

Day 4

Breakfast... 2 bananas

Lunch... 3 quorn sausages with ketchup (just a little passata with worcester sauce, so syn free)

Dinner... will be SW Chicken Vindaloo, Salad & Brown rice, (was more 1/2 & 1/2), Fruit Salad

HEA &HEB good old scanbran with EL LC triangles (just the 1 today)

1 Everton mint (1 syn)
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Day 5

Breakfast- 1 Scanbran with EL LC Cheese

Lunch- a whole cucumber, large bowl of fruit salad

Dinner- 3 venison sausages, broccoli, Swiss chard & Courgette (still to calculate syns in sausages)

1 banana, 1 jelly pot (1/2 syn)
1 choc orange hifi bar (HEB), this was delicious, I heartily recommend

Day 6

Breakfast- 4 Scanbran with EL LC triangles & sliced tomato (HEa & HEb)

Lunch- HM Italian Vegetable Soup, Packet of BBQ Chicken

Dinner- Muller light, Banana & Hi-fi bar (HEb)

Snacks- BGTY Thai Chilli rice snacks (5 syns)

getting a bit bored chuffy... still finding the 2/3 & 1/3 thing a bit tricky


had another hifi bar 6 syns
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Day 7

Breakfast- 4 Scanbran with LC cheese (HEb & a)

Lunch- Hifi bar (HEb) plus tomatoes

Dinner- Cajun Spiced Chicken & Salad

Several Large Gin & Slimeline and 2 very large brandies (60 syns probably)
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Bring it on!
yep i know what you mean about the boredom! I'm wondering about doing superfree all day (with lots of speed foods) and then an extra easy evening meal with the 1/3 to 2/3 thing? I feel like i have less choice though that is probabaly not true in reality!
Week 2 Day 1

Breakfast- Lemon Hifi Bar (HEb) Mint Hifi bar (6syns) was on the go all day

Lunch- 1/2pack of chicken tikka

Dinner- Rib eye Steak with Broccoli & grilled mushrooms. Punnet of Raspberries. 1/2 a mint Hifi bar (3 syns).

HEb 1 pack salt & vinegar ryvita minis

Daily Syns 9 (cumulative syns 9)
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I read that on here... I do hope so.

Week 2 Day 2

Muller light yoghurt. 1/2 pack of chilli chicken

Dinner- Scallops in Chilli & lime with courgettes, sugar snap peas & salad of cucumber, tomato & red onion (more than 2/3)

BBQ Snack a jacks (5 syns) (weekly syns 14)
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are you not hungry today? Seems like you've probably been busy through the day?
Was busy at work... l had lots of diciplinaries to do... had no time to eat... just had dinner... will probably have HEs later on...


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