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My 24 hrs !!!

Hi All

Well, I'm off to WI at 17:30 hrs ( 5.30 pm) and I really don't know how I have done this week ???.. yesterday had a nightmare of a day, had a really light brekkie ( three crackerbreads and laughing cows & and a cuppa) I always take a salad and fruit for lunch but the fridge was bare. Ok I thought I was bound to get time to get something from the shop or canteen to see me through, as the big shop was being done by the OH during the day. Well 16 hours later (oh yes) I left the station having had two cups of coffee all day !!!!
The strange thing it felt like my typical life style prior to SW. I then got home at after midnight..... I was so hungry.... my wife had cooked me my evening meal expecting me home at 17:30. I thought "no" I won't have it and go to bed. I could not do it, I heated it up and had it all a chicken stir fry and a finished it off with a muller and jelly. I looked at the clock and it was 01:30 ...... I then crawled into bed at 2 ish:eek::eek::eek::eek:. On getting up today I am so hungry !!!! I had by 2 weetabix and muller ( OH had done the shop)the cupboards were now full. But I usually don't eat after having a lite lunch due to WI !!!!. I have been just picking
crackerbreads and cups of tea.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh !!!! give me food !!!

Phil X
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im sure you will be fine!!!!!! dont worry-but update us on how u get on!!x
Good luck, i'm sure you'll be fine :)

I really struggle when we have nothing in, I also really struggle if i've not planned and i'm out & about cos I always end up just getting something that I *think* will be ok then get home and realise that I shouldnt really have had it afterall!!

Let us know how u get on! :)


Is so very nearly there!
Good Luck mate!

Let us know how you get on :)
Which just shows you that planning a head works! I was stumbled by the bank hol and being away so I had no nice food managed to buy some low syn salad from boots but forced myself to shop last night.
I am sure your wi will be fine but no more days living on coffee alone!!
im new on here!!! not sure what im doing !
ive been at sw since january and only lost 7 pounds ive lost all motavation n im REALLY struggling .....any advice x


Starting Again!
Well it depends, tell us what you're doing and we'll see if we can help.
For eg, what plan are you on, what free foods do you have, how many a's/b's and what they are are how many syns and do you exercise. Oh and welcome xxx

just got back from WI....... bloody starving heheheheh I.m going to have Spag Bol without the spag (lol) I like it with spinach. Anyway I managed to lose 1.5 this week so happy. But i know this week I have done lots of excersice but not really eaten enough,

I hope you all done well this week !

Phil x

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