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My 48 hours at hospital.....

My daughter had infected chicken pox and had to be hospitalised for 2 days as she needed antibiotics by IV. She had a serious eye infection and we had to take her to A&E on Monday morning at 9:30am and it was 12 hours later when we finally got a bed for my baby (she is nearly 2 and half years old).

It was my 2nd week of management and I managed ok. Luckily, I had a foodpack in my bag but I still needed to come home for a bit to have my meals and to pick up A- I had to go home to have my meals while my DH took over for a few hours. Thankfully, we lived 5 minutes away from hospital and I had some cottage cheese which meant that I didn't have to cook anything! I couldn't concentrate on eating, I had to be quick as we were still waiting for a bed. I grabbed more foodpacks and bottles of water and went back to hospital. It happened three times.

We are back home now since yesterday and she is doing great. I am quite proud of myself for not eating a thing at hospital except for a cuppa which I couldn't drink all cos of the milk. That was the only thing.

Now, I am a bit guilty because I have just had a second pot of yoghurt after throwing away the first one as it was too strong for me after a few spoonfuls. I hope I won't put on weight. I need to learn to control myself but I am not even sure how many snacks a day we can have from week 2? I only have one small pot of yoghurt as my snack.

Today, I went to a day counselling course and brought my lunch - chicken salad which was so lovely - better than what they provided which was funny!

I hope I will do well in management!
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Aww sorry to hear about your daughter being ill, good to read that she's back home and doing well.

You did really well to stick to the diet while there and going through the chaos of emotions that having an ill child puts you through - well done.

Glad to hear that your daughter is doing much better! Well done to you for not eating throughout all that stress. That was a real time when you could've just chucked in the towel but you came through. It must be a bit of a relief for you to both have your daughter back at home and be back on track.
Fab that she is better and a huge well done for doing so well under pressure! Looks like the adultcontrolled side is winning! Well done you!


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Pleased to hear your daughter is better now.....must have been so stressful. You have done well to stick to it like you have.


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Hia Donna,

Glad to read that you are doing well on management. I hope your daughter is recovering well. What a shock! Who would have thought chicken pox could cause such an extreme reaction?

It is easy to get bogged down in the 'am I eating too much or too little' cycle, and lose sight of our achievement and, more importantly, our long-term goal, which is to develop a healthy relationship with food, for life.

It sounds like you are doing really well so congratulate yourself. You are developing good strategies, so try not to focus too much on small 'mistakes', or you may dwell on them too much, give them too much credence, and lose the plot a bit.
Thanks so much AJ for your great advice. I will keep that in mind! I don't want to get too obsessed with little mistakes especially while we are away in Newquay (week 5 and 6). We will be staying at a guest house, so I will do my best to stick to management plan. I am determined to enjoy the vacation without worrying about food!
Hi Cheerydino

I hope your daughter is doing well now. I think you did so well faced with the situation. You must have been extremely worried and stressed so congratulations on sticking to the sensible options.

I would not worry about having a small yogurt as I to have had a problem with yogurts over the last couple of nights. I went through one of the big pots of Yeo Valley Nat Fat free yogurts on both Friday and Saturday so have eaten 1000g of yogurt in two days :eek: and although I was kind of ok with eating the Friday night one. I feel so bad for having the one last night. On both occasions I was full up and didn't need to eat them I feel really gulity, annoyed and embaressed and am so worried about putting on weight. But I suppose it is all a learning curve.

I too am worring about how many snacks you should have and what to have and how much fruit is too much.

Hope you are all ok xx
I can so sympathise as my daughter was rushed into A&E when I was about 6 weeks into abstinance. I had to have a lumpy shake for breakfast and I managed some water. I was too worried to be bothered with the packs but I was just glad I stuck to the plan and didnt reach to eat stuff I wasnt allowed.

Hospital food is hardly healthy from what I could see as the options for the kids on the childrens ward.

I love cottage cheese though I am a week ahead of you I am on week 3 of management going into week 4 this week

Glad your daughter is on the mend though


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