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my Akita GSD Cross is such a big baby!

I have an Akita GSD cross and she is such a worrypot...she is really concerned about next doors puppy (some sort of Bulldog cross mastif) she sits at the gate into their garden from ours and sniffles around and sort of cries.... but since she is a semi-rescue dog and not very good with other dogs ( she gets hyper and barks and as she is so big they offen snap at her) Im worried about how to introduce her to it...or if I shouldnt any suggestions?:confused:
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i think u should introduce them on a common ground. Dont do it in ur house or theres. Go to a big field or something. Keep them both on the lead and just walk them past each other without stopping. Do this a couple of times and then move onto letting them sniff each other then walk off.

The process could take aaaages. Dont rush it. If either dog feels uncomfortable they wont get on. It could take weeks.

Remember some dogs just dont get on with others and wont be the best of friends. Just try to get them comfortable with each other.

And the one thing i cant stress enough. Dont reward growling or any behavior like that. Its amazing how many owners stand there telling there dog its a good boy when its trying to bite me. (im a vet nurse) They just dont realise what they are doing, they think they are calming the dog but really they are telling it its a good thing to carry on what its doing.
Thank you....another quicky how do you feel about dogs wearing muzzles when they go to the vets for Jabs etc? they have asked that our dog wears one as she gets snappy when hurt...I dont have a problem with it and she has never bitten anyone, tho I understand totally there is a first time etc. the vets nurse seems scared of her and said to my husband that she is scared of her because she is an akita cross...not sure why....but she is entitled to her feelings and opinion...but I do think Willow (our girl) picks up on this fear...what do you think about the Muzzle and the picking up on the nurses fear?

Thanks so much
Some nurses that i work with are scared of certain breeds. I personally don't have a fear i always think its not the breed thats the problem its the owner.
I think prevention is a good thing, if she is a bit snappy then id muzzle her when shes called through to see the vet but remove it as soon as shes had done what is needed. She needs massive rewards not only from u but the vets and assistants.
Shes only snappy as she doesn't feel happy with whats going on. I don't think that makes her a bad dog. She just doesn't understand that nothing bad will happen.
Id take the muzzle and put it on when ur called through. Have whatever is needed done, ignore the growling but as soon as they've finished and shes quiet tell her shes a good girl give her a treat and take the muzzle off.
Dogs feel ashamed of bad behavior just like children and don't generally like being naughty. Obviously now and then u get the odd "bad" dog but i don't think she is.
Going to the vets is normally for bad things, they go when they are ill or they need a vacc. To them a vacc is a needle poking them, they dont understand its a normal thing to go through.

If ur vets would let u, u could try going in once a month and just get her weighed. Or just take her in the consulting room then leave again. Then she'll realise that its not always a bad thing.

Id also say if the nurse is scared of her she shouldnt deal with her. It will make it worse. Ur dog will feel vibes and straight away will be put on edge.

Hope this helps :)
thanks so much...we changed our vets to one closer to home when we got her and I think for a start I will alter the route we go Walkies and go past the vets so she gets used to going there on her normal walks then in a month or so when its normal walk up to the door etc.. then (after talking to them ) take her in for a few minutes ...just build it up slowly...youve given me great advise thanks so much...I have pictures of her on my facebook but im too new on here to have a gallery or post photos.
Glad i can help :) Everything takes time as we cant just say look be good its fine. We have so many scared dogs that come in that would never bite if we met them on a walk. We just slowly try and win them over with treats and praise.

Where abouts in hertfordshire are u from? My OH lived near stevenage before i dragged him down to kent lol
Not far...Welwyn Garden City.....tho I came from Kent....was born in Erith (moved here before I was a year old) and my Gran lived in Bexleyheath years ago when it was a lovely quite place and we spent many happy summerholidays with her while my mum worked.
Its very expensive housing wise up here not sure where you are whats it like down your way?
Its not fab here but its also not that bad I guess but then we are looking at moving to Devon in 5 or 6 years time :)

why not sign up on local papers website for the areas your interested in that way you can see what "problems" and problem areas there are before you start looking at anything more concrete

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