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My appetite is driving me mad


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When I am at work I am constantly hungry. I'm sat behind a desk all day and it takes all my will not to buy chocolate, crisps etc. I take in fruit, Yog, salad etc but never feel satisfied.

On Thursday's and Friday's when I'm home with my toddler I struggle to eat. It's 2pm now and I haven't eaten yet...I planned to have a jacket but can't face it, downgraded to a salad but even that seems too much.

I know however that after I pick my son up from school and I cook their tea all I will want to do is eat it. And I won't stop wanting to eat until I go to bed. Obviously I don't eat constantly but it's all I can think about.

Should I be forcing myself to eat in the day? Will this help my evening cravings?

Why can't I just eat 3 meals a day like normal people???
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I don't work at the moment and stay home with my 2 little ones and I think about food all the time!!! I plan one meal to the next and constantly think about food and what I can/can't eat!! Tea time with my 2 is awful as it takes all my power not to nibble or eat what they have left! I normally end up in the cupboards as soon as they have gone to bed! I am really tired today which is why I think I am finding it so difficult and have not been to the gym for 2 weeks either, so am feeling a bit sluggish too which Just makes me want to eat even more. I also find that once I start eating I can't stop and then think 'well I have gone over my syns now anyway, so might as well eat what I want and start again tomorrow' - not good!!
Not sure why I am finding it so difficult. I only want to lose about 10lbs but am not getting very far at all. I am going to bed early tonight -that way I can't eat anything!!!


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Tea time is terrible isn't it....my daughter loves proper home cooked food so it's not so bad if I do nibble but my son is such a picky eater and his chicken nuggets or whatever always just seem to end up in my mouth!

Then, I have to cook again later for me and hubs (if he's home for dinner) and I find it hard not to pick while cooking. It's worse if hubs comes home late as he brings home take away and there's always enough for 2.

I think it will be harder for you anyway as you dont need to lose much. The last few pounds are always the toughest!


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Are you bored at work Lisa? If you're more hungry in the office than elsewhere it's probably a bit more psycological than physical.

I know I struggled with constant wantwantwant at work, and I found it helpful to set "mini mealtimes" in my head, rather than just grazing; so breakfast (berries and total 0%) when I get in, snack (fruit and yog) at about 10:30, Lunch, snack at about 3:30 (fruit and yog) and try and stick to that with just water/diet coke/herbal tea inbetween, I don't know if that's an option worth trying for you?

When you're at home with the kids, are you legitimately not physically hungry during the day, or are you more distracted or faffed and that puts you (and therefore your eating) onto a backburner in your mind? Could you make up a big batch of veggie soup or something like that in an evening when the kids are down and keep it in the fridge to nuke a mug of when you're at home? Keep filling yourself up little and often on that kind of thing so you're not ravenous and lacking willpower later, at teatime? Eating during the day should definitely help you not be physically hungry later on, which might help you with your picking (it sounds like you're actually hungry then?)


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I'm definitely bored at work. It's having my days rations on my desk - makes me want to eat it as soon as I get there but we don't have a fridge or anything.

At home some of it is being busy but today my daughter was in her highchair having her lunch so I could have eaten if I had wanted to.

I must look up some good soup recipes, mine always taste of nothing!


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I posted one in my diary thread today that's dead tasty and super easy, I'll get you a link if you want.

Hrm, at work then could you keep your rations in a poly bag by your feet? Keep them out of sight and out of mind a little bit?

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