My Archie...


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My boy... he keeps me insane, keeps me fit (the hills we have to climb sometimes!!) and keeps me on my toes!

He's a yr old Springer and full of beans 24/7!


I always want to say 'thanks' when people say he's lovely - like I had something to do with it! Hardly passed on any genes did I.... :p ;)

His good looks get us into some 'situations' sometimes... esp. when he's been bounding about in the mud and gunk first thing in the morning and we have to pass all the kiddies on their way to school - they all wanna pet the 'pretty dog' - unfortunately he likes to jump up to say hello and upto today he's left big muddy paw prints (before I can stop either him or the kids!) on more than one clean school uniform! I keep expecting one day to find a flock of angry parents with bundles of dirty laundry for me to take home to do to make amends!! :D

He's in the good books at the mo tho as he performed very well in dog training class this evening... there was an American trainer over from the US and she was very impressed by him - said he was the most intelligent dog there :D :D I felt as proud as if I were his mum and he were my kid!

Love him to bits and I've only had him 2 months x