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my before and after pics, not quite finished

Hi folks, just found this site today and after hearing a lot of interesting stories thought i would share mine. Not many before pictures kicking about but found these. I weighed around 16st7lbs, struggled to get into 38" waist jeans and wore XL tops, biggest sizes available from the shops i used to buy clothes from!

I wasn't always that size but had got comfortable with a girlfriend far too young settling down in our own place at 18 with a terrible diet and both put on a lot of weight!
She dumped me and I eventually decided to do something about my weight, so i started walking LOTS. 3 miles each way to work and would walk for an hour on lunch break also, making it around 9 miles per day. I was losing about a stone each month from this walking combined with a lot of salad and cutting back on what i was eating.
After 4-5 months I was down to under 12stone, wearing 30" jeans and either small or medium tops. Ive fluctuated quite a bit along the way but back dieting, doing a bit of weights and cardio 3-5 days a week when i can fit it in alongside the 12 hour shifts i get stuck doing so not always so much.

these are some fairly recent pics but lost a few lbs since then

I know my story isnt as impressive as a lot of peoples on here, but thats my story and i hope it may help to inspire people in their quest for losing weight. I am now far happier than when i was a lot bigger, i can do a lot more but still have a long way to go before i will be totally happy with how i am.
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Wow, you look wonderful - many congratulations on changing your lifestyle, you must feel great now! Is that the new girlfriend in the after pics? She's lovely, too!


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impressive, what diet are you on?


dancing queen ;)
woOow!!!!Looking good...you have done really amazing!! ;)
way to go!! you look really great in the after pics! keep it up. you're really inspiring. you have a good story there. You prove to everybody that determination really pays. congrats!
Your story is just as good and valid as everyone else's on here. The fact that you have done this so sensibly by walking more, eating healthily and not expecting to lose the weight in the blink of an eye is absolutely inspiring.

Well done. You look a lot younger and oh so handsome!!
Great Story and B&A Pics mate, well done.
Wow what a transformation!..and a very inspirational story.
You were attractive in your before photos you know..but now?????.....EVEN BETTER :D

You and your new girlfriend make a very good looking couple..perfect for each other :)

Mate you've done brilliant. I can really relate to this story, I mean I weigh about the same as you did when you was bigger and this just shows it can be done.

Seriously well done, you've just inspired me so much more
thanks for the replies guys and gals. Its taken a lot of effort but i'm so much closer to being the shape i want to be! just the other day managed a personal best of getting into a work shirt neck size 14 which i couldnt get on before :cool:

im not really on any specific diet, basically just trying to eat more healthy! can give an example of a typical day justnow whilst im still trying to lose weight
breakfast - shape yoghurt and a banana
lunch - salad with a small bit of chicken for protein, snack a jacks, banana and/or apple
tea - any normal tea just slightly smaller portion sizes with a large salad on the side

I tend to drink a lot of water (usually mixed with asda's white grape and pear diluting juice)
when hungry other than meal times i usually go for the fruit bowl now, its just a case of making sure its kept stocked with appealing fruits.
snack a jacks bags of salt and vinegar are good for when i get the munchies also, usually seem filling.
shape fat free yoghurts i find very filling also

I used to be really bad for just nibbling away at junk food all the time but since switching onto this diet im usually turning down the chocolate and crisps, not feeling too fussed about it which is making it a lot easier, probably because im associating eating less with feeling a lot better about myself justnow.
For anyone feeling like they still have a long way to go, i say just get a healthy diet and exercise into your routine and the pounds will start falling off. at one point i was losing about a stone a month from walking so much.
All the pain is worth it folks, I work in a job where i see a lot of people every day and in the last few weeks since losing even more theres been a lot of people telling me that im handsome which is great to hear from random people (usually old biddies haha) but nothing like that ever happened pre weight loss.
hopefully most of this makes sense, im just in from a 12hour shift and back to work in 8 hours for another one. thanks again!
reached a new milestone today, weighed myself this morning and scale shows 11st9lbs, meaning that on the BMI scale I am no longer overweight! as long as i dont put any weight on lol...but still have to lose quite a bit more to lose the love handles I think :)
dont think ive been at a healthy weight on the BMI scale since i was in primary school haha! at one point i was convinced it wouldnt be possible to get to this weight but with a lot of perseverance its happened
you look amazing and you should be proud of yourself!! Very inspirational and thanks for posting
well done, you look fantastic! I too work 12 hour shifts so know how hard it is to squeeze in exercise on top of that when all you want to do is chill out so It's fantastic that you've regonised that and decided to walk to and from work.

I don't think you need it but Good luck to the rest of your weight loss
dude well done and long may it continue

on a side note

where the hell did you meet that gorgeous girl in your pic :)

proves you get good rewards when you put in the effort :)
Well done! I think I need to start walking more...
Every single stories counts in my opinion, because when you think you really can't do it its so inspiring to see all these other people that have done it!

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