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  1. Parga

    Parga Member

    Hi All...

    I will be meeting my consultant tomorrow for the first time and getting started on this diet... For 10 weeks of food abstinence!!! Eek. I have yoyo'd for sometime now and have done since I was young. It really infects my life and the things I am willing to do. For this reason I have not been on a beach holiday for 14 years. It's ages, but i am going, to Greece, for a friends 10 weeks and 3 days!! All I can say is at the moment the thought is filling me with dread and I don't want to go. I hope I will achieve this and have a great holiday, in my size 12 wardrobe that I have been building for some years!! I think I will probably weigh in around 15 stone tomorrow and I am 5ft 5 and a size 18. I will be happy at 12 stone even 12.7 if I tone as I go. I hope I can find some people to join their journey with mine to support, inspire and take an interest in each other's achievements. I'll keep you updated as I go. I'm excited for it

    Liz xx
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  3. bettiesrevenge

    bettiesrevenge Gold Member

    Hi Liz.... Welcome. We are similar weights and heights!

    Ive just finished my second week but have had a tough time this last week with a rubbish weigh in. Don't let that put you off though!

    Here to follow, cajole and spur you on!
  4. Parga

    Parga Member


    you had a great 1st week. How was your second week? I've managed my first day with 4 litres of water down...what a slog!! I thought it seemed a breeze this morning but it has gotten harder and harder throughout the day haha. Climaxed by cooking my boyfriends tea!! I did a similar diet last year but I lived alone and emptied all my cupboards so no food to tempt me! I know the first couple of days will be the hardest...just need to get through them and it will all be worth it.

    Yes I hope I can be of a support to you too and make it through these 10 weeks and beyond!x
  5. poko

    poko Full Member

    Hi Parga. I'm on the slim down for a holiday too. It's a big family celebration for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. My gran has booked 20 of her closest family and friends for a spa break. There's a ridiculous amount of swimming pools and I fear a swimsuit is unavoidable. Not to mention I don't want the "she's put on weight" whispering comments.

    We CAN do this!!
  6. bettiesrevenge

    bettiesrevenge Gold Member

    How's it going so far?
  7. Parga

    Parga Member

    So I'm on day 7... And I wouldn't say it's been easy!! I had a bit of a cheat on Saturday night... Because I was due on on Sunday. I had a ham sandwich after my boyfriend bought a fresh bakery loaf and ham from M&S and I felt like I was going to eat his head if I didn't have one!! Gosh how I love a ham sandwich with their kit haha. Other than that I have stuck to my shakes and 3-4 litres of sparkling water a day. I have had a bit of chicken when I have struggled but replaced it with a shake. I haven't felt headachey, cold, bad taste in my mouth or constipated this week at all.

    The soups I have found revolting and have asked if I can swap them for shakes tomorrow because I just can't eat them. Most of the shakes I have really liked. Not so much butterscotch and still to try mango, forest fruits and cappuccino. Apple and cinnamon porridge was quite nice. Trying maple and pecan tomorrow. The rice pud I did not like. To sum up!

    so I'm looking forward to weighing in tomorrow and hoping I can make it til then without going off the rails!! I'm hoping for 8lbs to keep me in line for my target losses to reach 2.5 stone in 10 weeks. Fingers crossed xx
  8. AndroidAmy

    AndroidAmy Full Member

    IMO, fruits of the forest is the best one - almost like a yoghurt in flavour. If you whizz it up well with a hand blender you can almost kid yourself that you're tucking into a creamy yoghurt. Also if you have a sweet tooth you will probably love the maple and pecan porridge - it's so sweet but very yummy.

    Fingers crossed for weigh in tomorrow :) x
  9. Parga

    Parga Member

    First weigh in... 9lb down woo! Got all my fave flavours for the week soups! So hopefully should be a bit easier this week xx
  10. AndroidAmy

    AndroidAmy Full Member

    Many congratulations! That's awesome! Hope it spurs you on for the week ahead! x
  11. poko

    poko Full Member

    That's fantastic! Congratulations on losing 8lbs...over half a stone!!

    I guess that ham sandwich didn't do too much harm! ;)
  12. Parga

    Parga Member

    So it's been a while since I last posted on my diary. I'm now 4 weeks in and am happily plodding along with the diet. My results aren't really telling me much except I am 1 st 3lbs lighter than I was 4 weeks ago which is great. I can't help but be disheartened slightly when I see people losing 4,s, 5's & 6's each week and am wondering why I'm not but never the less I will keep on going. I'm wondering whether to maybe try a week of just shakes and no bars and up my water to 4 litres and see if that can give me a good loss because I do think I should be losing a bit more. How are other people getting on?? Would love to hear about your experiences!!x

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