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My big flabby bit


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This is probably gonna sound really silly. But I have like a big pouch of fat at the top of my belly (I mean my belly's quite fat anyway but this area is excessive), it juts out a really long way from between where my ribs are, and makes me look pregnant. It has gone down as I've lost weight but not by as much as the rest of me, so if anything it looks even more pronounced now I have lost weight. I have a lovely new pair of size 12 jeans (it's a fluke I promise, I'm nowhere near a 12,must be the cut) which I am dying to wear, they fit nicely (if a tiny bit snug) but because they are a nice close fit across my tummy it makes my 'bulge' even more immense. Seriously it's really noticeable even with a baggy top.

Like I say I know this is ridiculous but I'm so scared it wont go. Have tried sit ups and the like, but find it hard to do too many, think I'm just not built for them,but they seem to make no difference. It's getting me down(I'm nearly in tears as I write this :cry:- told you it was silly),coz I'm starting to feel pretty hapy about the rest of my body and feel like my stupid podge is ruining it.

I suppose I just want someone to tell me they had this, and that eventually with the weight loss it goes, or suggest some (preferrably non-floor) excercises that may help.

Thank you for listening!!
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I dont know how this will help but my boyfriend was telling me your body burns the lean fats first such as face etc, unfortunately 'belly fat' is the last thing to go as its not lean.
I totally feel your pain though ive lost 21/2 stone with only 11/2 to go until goal and i swear my belly is no smaller but my wrists are teeny weeny.
You just got to stick it out and whenever im tempted with naughty things i go 'wobble' my belly and imagine it going straight there whole and that stops me.

good luck you will get there, xx


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Aerobic exercise is what's needed. I have the exact same problem, albeit with a size 16 jeans, they would be lovely if I didn't have that bit! All the situps in the world won't work because the fat unfortunately covers them. Boo to flab! :mad: I think the treadmill is the answer for me to get this belly off me!

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