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My biggest worry..


this time - the last time
Well - your body will do what your body will do. Unfortunately.

My arms were wrinkley, but over the past couple of months have definitely improved. I think your skin will take longer than than the weightloss.

I know lots of people use firming cream. Not sure how successful this is, but I'm sure someone can give you a recommendation.

Others do body brushing.

Overall I've decided being slimmer, with saggy skin is definitely preferable to being morbidly obese. The one thing I'm worried about not recovering at all are my boobs! That does stress me out!
Well you could try doing some gentle toning exercises. Those ballet exercise tapes are quite good. I've got an ancient one and I do only a few minuts a day when I remember. The theory being dancers don't seem to have saggy skin!!
I have seen lots of things where people say that your skin eventually catches up with your body, it may take a year after losing the weight though x
I have this same worry, at first I was even losing sleep over it, but iv come to the conclusion (as someone said above) I'd rather have skin then fat haha, we'll get there in the end xx
I worry aswell, my belly carries the weight and I have stretch marks :( I have been applying bio oil every other day, after I get out of the bath. As it says it helps improve the look of them. But my goal is to have a baby once I reach my goal. So I guess I could always blame my wrinkly belly on my baba!! Lol
A bit of weight training actually helps. Drink lots of water as well. You can also apply those firming creams but they can also do so much. Just focus on losing weight then worry about it afterwards. =)
My consultant swears by the body shop range of body butter so I've been applying that everytime I get out of the shower and I swim twice a week. As well as drooped ;) my boobs have reduced and look all wrinkly in my bra! I used to enjoy having a bit of a cleavage, now I just cover up!

I wouldn't be so bad if I had diabetes or high blood pressure or any other complication associated with obesity but I haven't, apart from my size I'm fairly fit!

Best get on me hands and knees and pray! LOL x

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