My Birthday/anniversary Pressie


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As posted on my Happy Birthday to Me thread, I have finally limped into the 21st century and I have a laptop. I am sitting in the comfort of my lounge, fire lit, telly on typing to you guys (I hope!). I am still trying to get the hang of it, not sure about all this WiFi technology type thingy, but I am dead chuffed. Oh and I had some beautiful roses as well from hubby and ................ some cashew nuts! Had loads of dosh from mum and dad (can't beat being an only child sometimes!) and can't wait to get to Portsmouth at the weekend to spend it.

Bought myself a couple of new tops in the sale, £8 for the two down from £18 each, and one is only a size 10 (must be a mistake in the label cos no way these bazookas are a size 10 - lol) so have options of what to wear on Saturday night.

Also booked our holiday, we are off to Greece for 2 weeks on 3rd June, so even more to look forward to.

Had a lovely day, went to the hairdresser, then had a lovely afternoon in town with my mum. Phone calls and visits from the children and friends - even a card from the ex-mother in law! Can't believe I've been married 10 years - in one way it has flown by, but in others it seems that we've always been together.

Oh well, enough ramblings - thanks to all you guys for your lovely birthday wishes (and anniversary congrats)
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Back again!
Glad you had a lovely day Cheryl, enjoy your laptop :)