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My BMI is now 25.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
:bliss: 6lbs this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bliss:

That means my bmi is now 25.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's it, no more ketosis for me! (h2b will appreciate not having the heating on in the car where ever we go... ;) )

Up to 1000 plan today - I actually feel a bit nervous about it, I'm really worried I'm going to put on weight.. I know that's daft as I lost weight on the 1000 plan for the first 5 or 6 weeks but it just seems a lot of food and carbs!

I've only got one more goal to turn green - and that's to lose 2 stone.. I'm one pound away from that and I would love to get that one green next week!

Off to have a boiled egg and toast for breakfast.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............

I've missed eggs SO MUCH over the last 3 weeks - we have our own chickens so our eggs are really really fresh.. And taste yum!
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well done, mines 25.1 feels so much better dont it, ive lost a couple of lb on 1000 plan so u should reach that goal no problem :D


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Well done you must be over the moon. I think you need to go onto another journey now of finding out why you eat like you did in the first place so you can control it in the future. I have been on 1000 for 4 weeks now, with good losses but it has opened the doors to the "chatterbox" and rather than beat myself up when I have gone over 1000 I am observing my eating like a science project, trying to learn from my mistakes and controlling myself. It's a very interesting project! Love bunnycd xxxxxxxx


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Thank you Nessa!!

That's great to know Mandy, thank you!! I know the 1000 plan works for me - but having now done SS I think it makes you a bit nervous!! I saw other people had said that too when they were going up to AAM week or 790 - or the 1000 plan, funny how you get aprehensive isn't it?!

Ahh, so we both have the same goal mandi - that's a co-incidence!! Do you know, it's funny - I was about to say I think of you as a lot slimmer than me though until I worked out your bmi is only a little bit lower and for me to have a bmi of 24.7 I only have to lose 3.5lbs... So maybe my head needs to catch up a little bit!!! Hope you get to your goal soon, you look amazing now though so dont fade away!!

Hiya Bunny, thank you.. You look absolutely stunning (I knonw I said it on your thread, but ya do!), you've done so well... Yeah, I think in part for us we always ate very healthy meals, that honestly wasn't our problem.. Everything fresh, homecooked and organic - h2b is quite used to getting something with lentils, buckwheat or a thousand different beans in it!!!! I think where I went (staggeringly) wrong was my love for snacking - I would think nothing of eating a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar just because I was on a break at work.. And then have lunch, a yogurt and a pack of ice gems... Or if I was watching a movie I'd have a whole bag of dorito (?sp!) ready salted corn chips.. (Or if at the cinema a 3 scoop sundae plus popcorn and maybe a few sweets too)... So that's what I want to stop eating - and I genuinely do.. I feel so much better for not eating the rubbish, I dont really want to start again!!!!!!


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thats great
well done you have done so well

kaz xxx
Well done H, that's fantastic :)
You're doing so well, can understand your nerves, but the final weddding preps will probably keep you busy over the next week or so :)

K xxx

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