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my body isn't loving the change!

Hi everyone. I'm on day 4 of RTM now and am really struggling. Not with the eating. In fact, I'd say I'm struggling to eat anything. Because I feel so ill when I have anything.

So far I had a small piece of chicken on days 1 and 2 and last night had about quarter of a tuna steak with some spinach leaves.

But my stomach is killing me. I was up most of the night on the loo and I'm feeling really under the weather. It feels like introducing food is making me feel really sluggish which is the last thing I need!

It's been 7 months without food so it's inevitable I'll feel a little odd but didn't expect to feel this ill.

Anyone experienced the same? How long will it take for things to settle down do you think?

Thanks xx
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Hi sorry I cant answer your query as not on that regime but just wanted to say I am sorry you are feeling so lousy, I am sure someone will come along soon with some advice so in the mean time ((hug))...xx
Hi Rachel

I was 9 months without - so about the same and Ihad trouble but only the first night. I was violently ill in the middle of the night and lost my eitre first "meal" but it got better after that.

What are you having?

I had salmon and reckon that was too rich for the first time out....so keep bland maybe?

Speak to your LLC too as I am sure she will have seen this time and time again.

Good luck hon.
the first two days I just had a piece of steamed chicken breast. last night I had a grilled tuna steak with some spinach leaves.

Was going to try some salmon today and see how I get on. Everything's very plain- haven't done any seasoning apart from a bit of black pepper yet. I'm sure things will settle down in time. Just didn't expect my body to reject food- it used to love it so much lol.

Will give my LLC a call and see what she says
I know that my 2 friends who are in the RTM phase now said that to begin with, food was diffcult and they actually found themselves not wanting to eat, even though they knew they had to eat something to get some cals, vits, mins etc. After the first week they said it got a lot better, back to having "healthy" appetites but without eating badly.

I guess it's only natural that your stomach will be shocked when it gets solid food for the first time in months and months, just the same as your eyes would be painful if you were just seeing light for the first time in months too.

Hope you feel better soon :)
still feeling pretty rubbish I'm afraid but I'm not doing too well the last few days. Stupidly got on the scales and it says I've put on and the last two days all I've had is my protein meal and one shake. Don't feel hungry. Want to eat but feel really guilty about having a shake on top of 'real food'

Is this normal? I don't want to mess up management. But I'm not really getting my head round this very well. Would rather stay in abstinence forever. So much easier.

Have had so many thoughts, talking ot myself and through what the sensible thing is. But putting it into practice is so much harder.
Anyone else experiencing anything similar?
You were very successful at losing the weight, im sure that you will be just as good at maintaining when your tummy and head get used to the idea of eating. Stop stressing and try to enjoy eating little bits of what you like at your mealtimes. You can do it xxxx
Lynne x
I excitedly went to your profile albums thinking that you would have been bound to put pics up since you have had such a fantastic loss but there is nothig there !!!!
Good luck getting yourself settled doll!
Lynne x
Rachel - sounds exactly like my first week. Our bodies are going to have to adapt to food after such a long break with it. ANd it is bound to feel strange having food in your tum - it did and does in mine, though I am now used to it.

Don;t worry - it'll all come together. :)
I excitedly went to your profile albums thinking that you would have been bound to put pics up since you have had such a fantastic loss but there is nothig there !!!!
Good luck getting yourself settled doll!
Lynne x

Yes, she has photos posted - they are in the second link: Rachels Photo Gallery - not Rachels Profile Album - and they are fab! :)
Hi Shish - are you in RTM too? What's going on? Talk to us if you want :)
HI LS - yep I've been fiddling with RTM for weeks now and have got into binge mode I'm afraid. My Counsellor has packed up and I need to get to a new class - I do have one in mind it's just that I have a couple of holidays coming really soon and see no way of getting back until Xmas time. I suppose I need to go back into abstinence but I just know that when I start RTM again I will just binge. This is my ongoing problem and has always been for as long as I can remember. I have tried all the usual - psychology, hypnotism, acupuncture - even a gastric band which had to be removed. When I finally lose the weight - which as we all know is v difficult anyway - I just find it impossible to keep it off. If anyone could wave their magic wand I would be delighted!!
Thanks LS. It's so nice to have an encouraging ear. Yes I know you are right - I am definitely in negative child mode. Time to pull myself together and get more positive. I will see locum tomorrow and discuss what can be done. She is also a therapist I believe so that might just be an avenue for me to pursue (again). I have been in program since April and have done thought records but maybe not enough. I keep a food and mood diary and was very successful for the first five weeks of RTM - it was after that it started to go wrong. It's all the choices I think and then the 'what the hell' attitude comes in. Tomorrow is the day and thanks LS. Will keep in touch. Shish

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