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My Body


constantly confused
I've been thinking a lot about my body, it's had a hard time of late!

The fantasy of losing weight is very different to the reality. You don't imagine yourself with wobbly bits and cellulite!

The thing is, my body has never let me down. It's done everything I've asked of it (apart from learning to fly when I was 5) and it's enabled me to do the things I want to do. It works, well most of it does anyway!

It might not be a porche, and it might never be a porche, but it's not a robin reliant on the junk heap either.

It's a Skoda. People might judge it because it isn't what they think it should be, they might even laugh at it, but that's their problem. It is reliable, in good mechanical order and it gets me where I want to go. One not-so-careful lady owner!

I'm going to make a pledge to my body, to give it the respect it deserves.

I wont poison it with petrol instead of diesel, I will make sure it's clean, polished and waxed to show other people that I value it. I will make sure it gets the right fuel, and I'll never prioritise watching Eastenders over taking the time to prepare premium unleaded for it!

My reward for reaching my goal will be a charm bracelet, and I'm going to choose a charm to symbolise my pledge.

Silver Volkswagen Beetle charm TheCharmWorks

I thought I'd post that here, because we spend so much time thinking about how are bodies look, and not about how they work :)
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Such a great sentiment and so incredibly true, I for one would not be on here today if I would have just thought of myself in this way.

I will and am from now on, we are precious and deserve the best.

Thank you toller-girl


Silver Member
TG that is a lovely lovely post. This 1970's model feels exactly the same.

Some dents and scrathes and new smaller bumpers but she still goes and never lets me down (apart from the slightly wobbly wheel of late)

I think its so important for us to appreciate this miracle that is our bodies and to respect all that it gives us.

Thank you again for this post its made my day.
Great post TG - and I had to chuckle as Autos and our bodies are apparently a common comparison! I posted this a long time ago - my analogy of my body being a car, and its right in line with yours! Great minds think alike, ay!? :)

Here's mine:

Years ago, I used to drive a really nice car. Cute, compact, had all the features. Lot's of get up and go. There were some other nice cars about, but mine was nicer then some, and worse then others too. Unfortunately, I didn't appreciate my car. And I drove it hard, neglected it, and used cheap fuel to make it run. I didn't polish it, and the paint faded. The tires got old and worn, and I never had it tuned up. Eventually, my car broke down. It no longer shined, the interior features broke, and it just did not run well. After a series of false starts, it finally hit a brick wall.

It was taken to a shop, and deemed an awful lot of work to repair. I had no interest or funds to repair it. It didn't matter to me. I didn't care. Couldn't care. So I was given a loner. A ratty old car with no special features. Dull paint, and a bleak interior. Nothing bright about it at all. A few attempts were made to make it shine, but the polish soon wore off after each attempt. I gave up trying to make it shine, and just kept driving it, always admiring all the nice shiny cars on the road. I thought, "Why do they get to have nice shiny cars? Why did I let my nice car get so trashed. If I had taken better care of it, and appreciated what a nice ride it was.....I wouldn't be driving around in this old klunker. Even the horn doesn't work!!"

One day, after several break downs in my little trashed loaner car, I realised, I could get my nice car back if I really wanted to. And I decided at this point, it was no longer about having the shiniest blinged out car - but it was about having a car that was clean, tidy, well maintained and got me happily from one place to another. A nice paint job was a bonus, but reliability and safety were forefront.
But all the repairs that had to be done - it was not cheap!!! But I was tired of riding in this old broken down loaner. I no longer felt safe - I had to change my priorities.

So I made the decision. WIth some hard work, and patience, I could get my nice shiny car back. It would take time, as I could not afford a quick fix, nor were there any quick fixes. Not miracle overnite fixes anyway. I would have to save, and pay for the repairs a little at a time. But eventually, I can get that car spiffed up again, and will be able to drive it proudly, with all the other shiny cars on the road. And I will never have to be that car broken down on the side of the road again, watching all the others buzz by, enjoying their rides. I CAN BE ONE OF THEM TOO!

So I have made an arrangement with the mechaninc. I will work hard to help get the car back - it's not just down to him, he is no miracle worker - I must invest in the repairs, and it will be hard graff as I have never been very mechanical. But he will help, and together, we will work out the mecahincal failures, and the cosmetic failures, and in time, I will have my shiny, comfortable, realible car back. And when I do, I will take the best care of it forever. It will remain shiny, and filled up with the best pettrol, and the interior will be well looked after as will the paint, and it will never be neglected again.


constantly confused
I wasn't thinking the same thing until I spoke to a friend of mine.

I was telling her that I hated my tummy, and she said 'why? doesn't it hold your insides in?' and I said 'yes it does' and she says 'well how can you hate it then? It's doing what it's supposed to do' and that was the first time I've thought about my body in terms of function, rather than what's wrong with the way it looks.


constantly confused
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