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My boyfriend has been cheating for the last two months....


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omg! how wrong is that, i'm sorry to hear your news hun and i wish you all the look in your diet cos obviously you are doing it for you! kick his ass to the curb your worth sooo much more than that.

chin up think of all the other men out there hun mr right won't be far away.


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I cannot believe him, it is awful what he has/is put/putting you through. He has tried to manipulate you emotionally with the excuses about your weight. he has betrayed your trust. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. Do you live together???

Please continue with you tremendous progress on the diet don't let this push you off course as i believe he would love that.

You have tried everything to try and make your relationship work and supported him through major stresses hon you are such a good person he doesn't deserve you.

Keep posting on here and get some relationship support too.

Much Love and hugs to you xxxx
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What a twonk of a bloke.

Love sure is blind as they say. Dont blame yourself though.

Best thing you can do is move forward and 'try' and forget him. He's obviously doing you no favours at all mentally and physically

Blokes/people in general like that will never change and have somthing seriously lose in the head department, and no i don't have any sympathy.
Your worth sooooo much more.

All the best x
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What a scumbag!!! Bin him, don't let him influence your thoughts one single iota. You know you did everything for him and to try and make your relationship work, its not your fault he is an out and out cheating loser. Keep your chin up sweet, thinking of you xx


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what an arse you are worth so much more and he is stupid to have lost you. It is going to hurt for a while but least you know the truth. You carry on your journey for you and claim back you life. chin up hun and I am sure their is someone out there who deserves you and will make so much happier than he ever could.


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How are you doing MiniMimi? I hope that you realise that his cheating has very little to do with you -- and everything to do with him. He will cheat on any woman because that is what he is "a cheater". A man with integrity does not cheat -- if things aren't going well, then a "real" man talks to his partner and, perhaps, they separate and move on. But he doesn't lie, sneak around, and behave like some sort of criminal.

You are very strong to "write him off" -- and you are also very mature and compassionate to not blame his "other victim" (your neighbour). Hang in there: "You have to kiss a few toads, before you find your Prince Charming."



running strictly on fat!
S: 13st4.1lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st7.7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st10.1lb(12.95%)
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I really feel for you hunny its a horrible thing for you to go through but we are here for you if you need us. xxxx thinking of you hope everything is ok at the clinic xxxx


is a naughty girl...
have your time to let it all out, cry scream do what ever you need to and then say thats enough. I am stronger better and i can deal with this and get on with your life. Of course you will have down days but change your persepective when you are! do something different. I have just signed up to do a sky dive for charity (makes the jump free) why not think about doing something like that?! :D I hope you feel yourself soon. and remember, don't stop smiling younever know who is falling in love with it! :D
Sorry to hear you've been going through the wars with this man hun. He truly does sound like an absolute plonker.
You are worth so much more than that.
Don't listen to any more of his lies.
Drop him and continue to drop the weight for you.
You can do it and you'll find someone who truly loves and deserves you and would never in a million years hurt you like this.

Good luck tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

and remember.....
"No-one is worth your tears... and the one who is will NEVER make you cry"



Why Be Normal?
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Hi MiniMimi,

I know this is going to sound bossy, but I am speaking from years of experience (my own, my three sisters, and numerous female friends) -- you will never be able to trust him. Living with a drunk is a nightmare, and you need to put what is best for you first. If you don't: you will not be good for anyone.

Pack all his stuff up -- and arrange to have someone take it to him. Block his number, change yours, block his email, etc.

Write him one last note, letter or whatever and tell him that you have done this and that he needs to give up. He should stop wasting his and your time -- that too much has happened and that you may be able to forgive one day, you will never be able to trust him, and without trust there cannot be a healthy relationship.

Suggest that he get some help, and I recommend that you also seek some professional counselling as you have been a victim of abuse and need to sort out the reasons why this happen to you, and also to help you deal with the fall out from it.

Be strong, and remember to value and respect yourself -- if you don't no one else will.

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I can only echo all of what has been said here... I learned things the hard way and nearly lost my now husband, due to a lying cheating ex wanting me back and then dumping me again, after I had told now OH to sling his hook... luckily he took me back and we have been together 10 years and now have 2 gorgeous sons..

I will urge you to take some time to assess the situation and whatever you do, don't do it lightly...

My thoughts are with you hunni - fingers crossed it all works out for you



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Hi, I hope things went ok at the clinic. Are you managing to get things sorted out?
I spent two years putting up with a lot of crap from a guy because he was depressed and I promised myseld i would just deal with it because i loved him - then he got over it and dumped me. Now I am furious with myself for having put up with so much bad behaviour from him.
I really hope you stay strong and realise just how much you are worth and that you deserve to have someone with you who will treat you well, not someone who causes you grief.
Sending you big hugs.


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How has it progressed since you last updated us?

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