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My brain is being silly!!!


A moaning old boot!!!!
Well people, I had my WI last night and I STS. It is star week and I had a Frankie and Bennys on Saturday so I know that a STS is good..................but I cant help being dissapointed.
I have been in a foul mood the past few days anyway due to star week and I came home last night and just cried. Has anybody else been like this before? I know that STS is still good and I know that I should be pleased but my brain just wont let me! :( :(
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Awwww, hun. I dunno what to say really. You've come so far, so don't give up. Maybe treat yourself to some new recipes, that always gives me some oomph.


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I think you (and all of us actually!) have to look at the bigger picture at times like this. Look at what you have lost already, you have done really well so far, fantastic, in fact!
Ask yourself what the deal is for maintaining for just one week....is it really a problem in the grand scheme of things? I think not!
You know the reasons why it happened and I'm sure another good week foodwise will see you have a loss next weigh in.


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We all have bad days when we feel c**p however much weight we've lost or what size we are. I have one suggestion for dealing with those days. Keep a pair of trousers that fitted you at your starting weight. When you feel like you're losing motivation put them on and you'll immediately feel great about what you've achieved so far.

last night I was clearing out clothes from the wardrobe and came across a pair of my size 24 trousers. I tried them on and you could fit two people in them now. made me feel fantastic!

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