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My Cakes;

they look amazing :)

i love the lady bird 1

well done xx
Aww thanks everyone!!

I've always wanted to do it but haven't thought i was good enough to make for other people...


I will be a Princess!
Aww thanks everyone!!

I've always wanted to do it but haven't thought i was good enough to make for other people...

You are definitely good enough hun! My aunt makes some fabulous cakes for people as a hobby, but I would happily say that none of hers look as good as those! I'd better keep that to myself though, she's probably kill me, haha! :D xx
Are they SW friendly?

DO you have any hints on how to make sure they come out okay?

I cannot bake for the life of me. Savoury dishes fine, roasts, casseroles, starters, everything else is fine, I'm certainly not a total dunce in the kitchen, but when it comes to cakes and biscuits its a total disaster. I was never that great, but every slimming world friendly recipe I've tried has been a total disaster!

Recent failures have included the gingerbread men biscuits in this months SW mag (totally dry and got soft and soggy by the 2nd day, despite being kept in an air tight box), and knowing that my sponge cakes never rise, I thought I'd try fairy cakes (less diameter to sink I thought) I tried the strawberry flavoured cakes in the SW summer supplement that was around a couple of months back (came free if you got SOTW, or bought a countdown, or bought a friend). Baking time was 10-15 mins, but to me they didnt seem done, so I probably left them in too long.

Came out solid, again dry, heavy, doughy and gross, and they stuck to the paper of the cake cases. I then tried to make the icing (just icing sugar and water), it seemed thick to me, but was too runny and ran down the sides, not staying in a nice blob like the picture. And the next day, rather than setting, it got even runnier. Had to bin them in the end.

So - how's it done????
Errm... Flour, Butter, Caster Sugar, Eggs. :)

Sadly they aren't SW friendly...

I don't know about secret hints or tips, i just mix it all in a bowl and pop it in the oven! xo


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Well done you, they look fab!! :)
Hi honey.

your cakes look yum.

Iv done a cupcake decor course which was WELL worth the money. i Loved every single second and now i make cupcakes all the time and have just started expanding into novelty cakes etc.

We learnt how make and ice properly, and make things out of fondant icing etc. I have an album on my facebook : Fern Elizabeth Bailey. Feel free to add.

Im happy to exchange hits and tips and could still do with some myself :eek: you just need to start getting your fondant icing 'level' and your bigger cakes will be peeeerrrrfect. im still working on mine but once you get the hang of things youl be well away!!

fern xx

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