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My Cambridge Diet Diary

Hi All,

A short introduction. I am 29, 5ft2ins tall, and currently weigh 13 and a half stone. My BMI is 34 ish. I want to get to BMI 25, which is about 9stone 10lbs for me. I am giving the cambridge diet a try. My friend had great success, so I am putting my all into this.

Day one today, I am trying SS+ with 4 shakes. I have a banana tetra planned for mid-morning, then a chocolate tetra mid afternoon (I am at work, so cannot blend shakes). I then plan to have a choc mint shake and possibly a soup tonight.

I am scared and excited at the same time. I have read a few posts and some of the success stories are amazing. I hope that I will be able to add my story as a success in the coming months.

That is about it!

Halfway through my first litre of water. I aim to have 3-4 litres plain water a day, with coffee/tea adding to my total. I have a feeling I might struggle with the water, but my CDC says it gets easier. Let hope so!
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S: 15st13lb G: 10st7lb
Welcome & good luck with your CD journey:D

You certainly seem to be very organised with your daily plan and your cdc is correct - the water consumption does get easier;)

I wish you all the best for this week - it is tough but the results are so worth it.

Take care and shout if you need any help.:)
I am very proud of myself! I made it through the weekend without eating anything. I could have probably had more water, but besides that, I feel great. I havent really been hungry, but I was a bit fuzzy headed over the weekend.

I already feel lighter, although I am waiting until weigh-in with my CDC to see how I have done. She is away this week, so I called in before she went for another week's supply to last me until she gets back. I hope I can shift a good few pounds by then.

I am not sure I can have 2 tetras every day - they are a bit rich for me (says she who could happliy eat a giant bar of chocolate in one sitting and want more 10 minutes later!) I might look into getting a shaker so I can mix shakes at work without a blender.

All in all, doing well so far. 11.15am, and 1 litre water and a black coffee down already. I am halfway through my first tetra, but sipping it slowly to see if that helps me llke it!

I apologise for not seeming too interested in anyone else at the moment - I am focussing on myself for the time being, but I am sure I wil join in more to posts etc when i find my feet. Thanks to Lenny for wishing me luck!
Hiya, just wanted to wish you all the best for your diet journey. I hope that brings you successful results. And congratulations on getting through your first weekend. :D

Don't apologise for not posting anywhere else yet, just do things in your own time and when your ready and you are right to focus on yourself for a while, your journey is for you, ;) So keep going.

Hi there just popping in to show some extra support, your doing brilliantly.

are you over 5ft8??

I am just 5ft8 and opted for the ss+ with 200cal meal instead of 4 shakes a day. Im excited to see what your WI will be , you dont happen to get weighed on thursday do you?

S: 21st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 7st3lb(33.89%)
Good luck on your weight loss journey :)
Hi Girls ( assume yoiu are are ladies that sent me replies??!?),

Thank you so much for your support. I cant work out the quote thing, or even how to get a signature on here... technophobe that I am! I will have another go in a minute.....

Fatgirl666 - I am only 5ft 2ins, so am not sure if SS+ will not slow my losses down, but I might go onto SS when I get into the swing. I was getting weighed on a Wednesday night, but my CDC is away, and I am switching to Thursdays from now on. I dont get weighed until the 14th Aug tho. I hope to have shed a good amount by then. Fingers crossed! Do you weigh on Thursdays?

I am still doing okay, but have switched to SS+ using the 200cal meal. I find that it helps knowing that I can eat something at the end of the day. I must be careful, though, not to let myself continue eating, as I might end up eating the entire contents of the house. I think that by training myself to stop at the end of my meal, I am helping myself for the future so I will not just continue eating because I have started!

I tried Quorn pieces the other night. You get LOAAAADS! I was well sick of it by the end, though! I added some chilli powder and cooked it in boullion flavoured water so it didnt dry out. I wasnt tasteless, but I wont be trying it again in a hurry!

I made a chocolate muffin last night as well! I think it came out right, as it was as much like a muffin you could expect a pack to be! And it was still soft and gooey in the middle - that was the best bit!!

Still plodding along. Not had much time to explore the site, so when I get half an hour, I will put myself a signature on. How do you guys get the ticker things?

Must drink more water, been busy this morning, so am behind on my glugging.
Hey christine

Im really enjoying the ss+ , the small meal makes a huge difference to my mindset. But yes you will have to watch yourself if you have a stuffing mechinism like me, you think one extra bit of fish etc etc. Just remember to stick rigidly to the set amounts and you wont have to worry. Yep i get weighed on a Thursday. so i will update you on my loss tomorrow night. We can see how the extra meal works out with losses as i went straight from packs to eating the meal.

i mostly have fish and mushrooms or cottage cheese and cauliflower or mushrooms

white fish in a boilbag with some dried herbs, chopped mushroom and chilliflakes or a tiny bit marigold boulioun, left to boil for 4-10 depends on your preference and it tastes lush!!

anyway the ticker - go to the below link and easy peasy presto its a fools guide

So i got weighed and i lost 4 lbs , brilliant i was never going to get anything like the 12lbs i managed when i did week 1 as i slid straight into cd and didnt have break so im chuffed to pieces. good luck for your WI
Hi Fatgirl666,

Congratulations on your loss. 4lbs is fantastic! What week are you on? Forgive me if I should remember that if you have said before!

I dont get weighed until next week, but all seems to be going well. I had a sneaky look on my scales this morning, even though I said I wasnt going to! I feel a bit skinnier in my top belly area.

You prompted me to try cottage cheese! I havent had it since I was a kid - my Mam was always on some diet or other, and must have given me some. I didnt like it then, and in my entire adult life, I always thought I didnt like it. I am happy to say it was actually quite nice! With more flavour than I though it would have. It was a bit much to have all in one go, so I had it over a few portions during the day when I felt like I needed something to eat.

The water consumption is getting better as well. Just like my CDC said it would! And of course you lovely lot on here.

Thats about it for now
thanks for reading

Afternoon All,

Today is lasting forever. I am a bit bored, and that would usually make me want to eat. I still do want to eat, but I am not giving up now. That is why I have come on here, to distract me for a while!

I feel slimmer today, although there was no change on my scales this morning. I told myself I wasnt going to weigh every day, but I am just to intrigued to see how I lose day by day. I have not let my no loss bother me, although maybe it is affrecting me and my mood today. I am still determined that I will lose this weight.

Its funny that losing say 1lb/week with WW seems to be slow, yet losing 1lb per day with CD doesnt feel any faster! I think it is because I am so focussed on sticking with the diet and not eating. I hope that this will pass as I get further down the road to slimdom!

I was daydreaming about a lovely ham sandwich in nice soft bread with a bit of salad. I havent really craved anything yet, but I suppose there will be times that are more trying than the first few days where I have to concentrate on the diet all the time.

Just waffling here, really. I have to wait in at home for MIL's luggage that didnt get on her flight yesterday. How I got nominated is beyond me. I would like to be able to at least go out and window-shop and dream about some nice clothes.

Speaking about nice clothes, I bought a dress for my friend's wedding alomst 2 years ago, that I didnt wear because I grew out of it by her big day. Anyway, its pink, and my inspiration for my username on here. I tried it last week and it was far too tight to wear, let alone do the zip up. I tried it again this morning, and I could get it on and done up! A bit snug, pehaps, but it was on, and it is a size 14.

My sister is having and engagement party next weekend and I would like to wear it. If I can lose a bit more by then it might well fit me okay. Bad news is that I will have to purchase some lovely new shoes to go with it! My poor purse. I can see me becoming a shopaholic, and I have only been doing this a week. Imagine how much I could spend on clothes when I am lovely and slim and everything fits me??!?

Okay, waffling about over. Must drink more water. Am seriously lagging so far today.
Been poorly for the last week, so SS+ gone out of the window. I havent eaten that much really, as had a sickness bug, but feeling queasy makes me want to eat!

Back to SS+ today. I am planning half tuna and half cottage cheese (200g total) with some salad for tea tonight, and quite looking formward to it! I want to get back that feeling of lightness I was getting after my first week on the diet.

Must drink plenty water to get me started. My aim is 4 litres plain water, plus black coffee as required to break the boredom!

I went grocery shopping last night with OH. We tried a different asda to usual.... thats how exciting my life is!! And I was strangely unbothered by the lovely goodies he was getting himself. I am looking forward to being able to plan and cook (and eat!) lovely healthy recipes when I am slim and have reintroduced food properly. OH has been happy so far with ready meals and easy to stick in the oven foods, but I feel like I am neglecting him a bit! Thats my mothering instinct i suppose!!

Anyway, I have talked him into sorting out the laptop for the wireless broadband we got installed the other week so I can play on minimins whilst he watches telly without feeling like I am ignoring him completely!

Busy evening today - cleaning his gran's carpet! At least I will not be tempted to eat anything! I will have to avoid her trying to feed me, but that should be easy enough.

Onwards and downwards!

Is it cold today, or has the ketosis fairy been paying me a visit?
Morning All,

Still chilly today. My feet are like blocks of ice. i think I need a soak in the bath to warm my bones. I am dreaming about being in front of a roaring log fire with a hot chocoalte in my hand. Even a choc tetra would do!

Headache from hell today. My, I am a cheery soul!

Nothing to report. Just plodding along..... Reading other people's diaries for support and inspiration. I really cannot wait to be slim! I have been day dreaming of a slim Christmas. One where I will not feel overstuffed because I am agreedy moo and eaten too much. I will ahve a few chocolates if I want, but will not eat an entire tin of roses/quality street etc.



must go and do something......

interestingly, am not bothered about eating. I am bored and a bit fed up, usually this would mean I would treat myself to something to eat to cheer myself up. But not today! Maybe this is a turning point? lets hope so....

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