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My CD Diary

Hiya everyone

met my counsellor last night and she seems really lovely and looked great! I go my packs and am going back a week on wednesday so that will be day 11. She is going on holiday this week for 5 weeks so i will be on here for a lot of support from you all. I will still be able to go and get packs and get weighed at her house she has someone covering so that's not a problem. It's the support i will miss i think.

So i have started this thread and would love anyone to join in and keep me going. If my post goes quiet for longer than a day will you please ask me what i am up to cos i have a habit of giving in!!!!! and not postin..

I am going to do a very honest diary so please beware. So i am all set to start tomorrow (something planned today), and will be here to update.

Will probably be on all day long lol x x x

thanx x x x
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not up to much apart from spending money!!! My 14 year old daughter is clothes mad and has been to the sales so spent up now!! Glad i have my food for the week lol (packs) told her she will have to live on cheap stuff al week!!! Budget meals needed!

The weather here is a bit on/off at the minute showery..

Will check back in later, ready to start this diet now, can't wait till tomorrow!!!!

Bye for now.
morning everyone, well here we go (drum roll), day 1 today and was hoping to wake up at about midday (never done that in my life lol !!) and go back to bed at 6 pm......

So like every other day i woke up at 6.30 on the dot it's my built in alarm clock. so i forced myself to lay in bed but in he end just got up. so here i am with my lovely bottle of water were i would normally have a really strong cup of tea with a sugar in it.....

expecting to feel sh*t* as i have definately overloaded the last few days on wine and carbs oh and curry, not forgeting pasta i better not go on........

if i have a coffee does it have to be de-caf or can i have normal, can't remember what it is 'cos it's not in the jar it's in a tin..

well, my plans for the day are as follows. get my 14 year old daughters lazy ar*e to do her bedroom. She has been to the sales and spent a good wack on clothes. I have just walked into her bedroom and dressing room and oh my god!!!!! it looks like a bomb has dropped in it, no respect for anything!!! and i can see that there's about 4 loads of washing in there as well, wet towels and cothes from the last 4 days, disgusting things aren't they teenage girls....

Well i will post back later on and let you all know how it's going!


x x x x x


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i was one of those disgusting teenage girls myself :D hee.

you can have caffeinated coffee hon. which is great. one thing we don't have to go through withdrawal from :D

abz xx


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I have one of those horrid girls, but mine is only 6. Shes currently in her room claiming im cruel to make her tidy her room and make her put her own dirty laundry in her linen bin.


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I don't have a horrid girl but a 5 year old boy who thinks a carpet of lego is a good thing-grrrrrrr!
I already drink black coffee and it only took a few days to get used to the sweetners instead of sugar :)
Good luck with your first day :)
Day 1 going ok!!!!

Had loads of water and 2 shakes. Gonn have another just now.

I haven't stopped all day in the house i can see my house being gleaming to stop me thinking about food!!!!!

Hope evryone else is doing ok!

x x x


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good luck on day one, its such an exciting time waiting for the scales to drop and doing CDSS they definitely will, and fast too :p
well day one went fine, so here we go onto day 2...

I am back at work today so might be harder today as i sit at a desk all day and normally 'graze'.

My cdc let me take some bars, she said if i was desperate to chew i could have them straight away. so i am taking one to work to leave in the fridge incase i do get deaperate. Also taking a tetra and my blender, ice, shakes, god i am so prepared.

not sure if i will dare get my blender out infront of everyone lol x x

anyway will keep glugging my water and post back when i get in tonight and let everyone know how i got on.

p.s. anyone any thoughts on having bars straight away, my cdc said she had them from the start.....

thanx x x x


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they do knock some people out of ketosis so it's just a try it and see game i'm afraid. you wait until week three so your body is firmly in ketosis and can handle the extra sweeteners etc.

i have one of the shakers which i use at work. i wouldn't want to get a blender out at work, ha. nobody knows i'm doing it :D

abz xx


My 3 Furry Amigos
p.s. anyone any thoughts on having bars straight away, my cdc said she had them from the start.....

thanx x x x
Hi Headdown,

I've always used the bars from day one, they're hardly mars bars, I have always jumped straight into Ketosis within 24hours of starting the diet, so alleviate your fears, and split your bar throughout the day if necessary (this is what I've done from de start too), better to have a bar than completely fall at the first hurdle.

Goodluck x
I take my blender with me to work :)
I am making a positive change to my life and refuse to be embarassed :)
Not had a bar yet-I'm only on week 2 but may get some next week for days out in the school holidays :)
well day 2 nearly over..... wish it was day 102 lol x x

I managed to survive on water and black coffee until 1 pm. Then i had a tetra so not to draw too much attention to myself ha ha... I have just had a shake when i got in from work and so i have another one to go. I am going to be flexible in that if i am desperate i will add another shake/bar into the day rather than completely fall off the wagon. thought i would have done this the first couple of days but hae managed so far on 3 (heard me its only day 2 at 5.30 pm).

I also have bars again if i am desperate.

I haven't felt really hungry but i am 'wanting'. Do you know what i mean..... Strange feeing, my belly has rumbled a few times but quite enjoyed the feeling as i haven't been hungry for months (been too greedy). But i am talking to myself all the time - don't call the men in white jackets yet - it is in my mind, saying have a bit f chicken / cheese it won't affect you getting into ketosis, or start tomorrow have one more binge!!!! I am not going to but does anyone else get this, it's as if i have a little devil in my head telling me to cheat and then my angel comes and kicks sh*t out of him!!!!

I need to stick with it this time as i have sort of told myself this is my last diet!!!

I have tried that many over the years and once lost 5 stone on weight watchers... But the last few years i can't seem to even stick to a diet involving food so i thiught what the hell go without!! At least this way it will come off quick with the suffering!!!

I would love to SS al th eway to target but i am not gonna beat myself up too much if i decide not too. But i intend to get at least 4 stone 10 pounds off on SS then decide what to do.

Speak soon, probably later tonight,

x x x x x


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sounds like you are doing really well hon. and i have those demons too!! all we can do is our best and usually, that is good enough. you'll lose what you need to babes :)

abz xx
thanks for your reply. it's surprising how much t means when someone posts on your thread isn't it!!!!

I have had half a bar as well since earlier so that's a tetra a shake and half a bar... will prob have another shake after and maybe even the other half of bar so that's 4 packs today. Not worried by that though cos i know one of the options on the diet is 4 packs plus milk i think isn't it?

speak soon x x


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it depends how tall you are hon i think :) i think three packs and 200ml of skimmed milk is ss+ and four packs if you are over 5 foot 8... but i could be mistaken. it's all in the leaflet anyhoo...

you're doing really well :)

abz xx
DAY 3!!!!

My god I am soooooo hyngry, could kill for anything...... especially chicken from KFC oh my god!!!!

I am glugging the water but starving.

May need to re-assess my times for shakes as i haven't had a pack yet!!!

Try to wait till lunch break at work and i have brought a tetra and a cranberry bar. Will prob have half the bar now and save half for tonight......

Hope i can last and not give in when evryone starts doing their dinners, it's worse 'cos there's a microwave and most bring ready meals in which smell delish....

Well will pop back later.

Somebody please tell me it will be ok!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i can do it....

Ta x x x x

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